WATER COOLER – Introduced

March 26, 2020

To assist NMTC members in the unanticipated directive to work remotely, almost entirely, from home, we created this virtual meeting space to share what works best. We chose the Water Cooler name, as it’s an historical metaphor of camaraderie and communication.  Now, it’s virtual with the intent for its participants to focus on specific topics of urgent importance, asking/answering questions and contributing to the ‘cooler’, by

  • Asking questions, getting answers, solving problems
  • Becoming/staying connected
  • Contributing to conquering the challenges at hand

These facilitated sessions we’ll collaborate to share/solve challenges and become stronger organizations.

Dates for NMTC Virtual Water Cooler, Thursday’s, 2:00-3:15PM (EST), sign on to EACH NMTC VIRTUAL WATER COOLER at:
March 26, 2020 Click HERE
April 02, 2020 Click HERE
April 09, 2020 Click HERE
April 16, 2020 Click HERE
April 16, Special  update on Maryland’s RELIEF WIZARD for business
April 23, 2020 Click HERE
April 30, 2020 Click HERE
May 07, 2020 Click HERE
May 14, 2020 Click HERE