NMTC Innovation & Technology Resources

The Inventor’s Portal, a partnership between the NMTC, Harford Public Library’s Innovation Lab, Harford Community College, MD Small Business Development Center and Harford County Office of Economic Development to encourage:

” Transforming imagination into innovation; we connect the community to resources that guide and inspire the invention process”. A first-of-its-kind series offered to aspiring inventors and those with an idea yearning to convert it into reality. Learn how from experts and those who have succeeded in doing.

Purpose – Inform, guide, advise and encourage budding and existing inventors and innovators in NE MD to bring their ideas to the market.

How – Provide meeting places to host expert speakers in areas of patents, the innovation process, product design, marketing, licensing, prototyping and other product development issues.

Monthly meetings are free and open to the public (teens to adults).


The end game is a vibrant tech transfer environment creating new business opportunities

For more information, please call the NMTC office at 410-638-4466 or email us at .