About NMTC

NMTC: where members collaborate; key connections thrive; and opportunity expands!

The NMTC (Northeastern Maryland Technology Council) connects the most successful technology companies in the world, energetic growing enterprises, government and academic leaders into a collective force to accelerate economic growth, build the STEM Educated Workforce and drive technology and innovation in Maryland.

We are Maryland’s fast growing technology council with over 100 corporate members, US Army advocates and community supporters providing access to technology, industry, academic and government leaders in Harford County, Cecil, Baltimore Counties and beyond.

Created in 1990, organized in 1991, and operational in 1992, the NMTC connects member companies, organizations and individuals to their peers and influential decision makers through organized networking, informative workshops, technology and STEM educations summits, and other collaborative initiatives. We are focused to accomplish the following:

  1. ADVANCE technology and innovation. The Tech-Start workshop series inspires entrepreneurs/inventors yearning to convert ideas into reality, and turn their dreams into $. The TECH CONN3CT events are collaborative environments where the potential of technology transfer is unleashed, and tipping point technologies exposed. Our Disruptive Technology Tech Talk invites the most informed minds to present game changing technologies that have the potential to either kill existing businesses, improve existing business models or create new business opportunities.
  2. Build our the Workforce For the Future.  NMTC programs; STEM Clubs, STEM Mentor advisories, Library LEAP Kits, the most extensive online STEM resources for students, teachers and parent and our previous, nationally recognized STEM Summits for educators and industry, combine to build the NMTC member’s workforce for the future
  3. Create a collaborative community, connecting business, government, academic and industry leaders. Along with the technology and STEM programs, NMTC hosts frequent networking/education programs as: GOLF4STEM tournament, WOW! World of Wine, Visionary Awards Gala and our highly-referenced, web-based Technology Resource Directory connecting leaders from the defense contracting sector, federal, state regional government, and industry.

Overall, the NMTC ‘Drives Technology’ in creating a perpetuating process where technology industries connect, collaborate, grow, prosper and sustain our community.

We are grateful for the confidence and the funding via grants from Harford and Cecil Counties, and Maryland Department of Commerce. The majority of funding is provided by membership dues and highly valued corporate sponsorship’s.  We deeply appreciate the in-kind support for operations from Brand3 and D3 Corp (web design),

If you would like to contribute to NMTC, or make a payment, use the link below.