John Casner, Executive Director, along with the NMTC committees comprise the NMTC Team.  Together, we offer ‘full-time’ presence and support to all NMTC members. We are pleased to have the support of the Harford County Office of Economic Development Community Liaison Support for Technology, Defense & Additive Manufacturing.

NMTC Committees 
Each committee investigate issues, recommend direction and initiates action in areas significant to the NMTC membership. Each committee is chaired by an NMTC Board Member or NMTC Member

We welcome members to join a committee to offer their perspective and aid in accomplishing the goals of that individual committee, and the NMTC in total.

NMTC Committees


  1. Visionary Awards Committee (Michael Seldes, Chair) – Identify awards candidates, sponsors and coordinate NMTC’s main event
  2. GOLF4STEM ( Sue Manning, Chair) – Fund raiser for STEM education
  3. WOW! World of Wine Tasting ( Melissa Kuzma, Chair) – Largest tech networking event and wine tasting, to raise funds for STEM Nights & Beyond
  4. STEM Forum ( John Casner, Chair) – Make a difference in expanding the STEM student pipeline.
  5. Science Cafes ( Dr. Nina Lamba, Chair) – Organizing Cafés for scientists to discuss science and technology with the public
  6. NMTC Tech Directory ( John Casner, Chair) – Provide a regional resource compiling technology companies, service providers and academic institutions contributing to the growth of the region. Showcase NMTC member product and service offerings
  7. Inventor’s Portal ( John Casner)  – Transforming imagination into innovation; we connect the community to resources that guide and inspire the invention process.
  8. Baltimore County NMTC Chapter – Doug Zeisel
  9. Harford County NMTC Chapter – open
  10. Cecil County NMTC Chapter – open


  1. New members (John Casner, Chair) – Identify, recommend and invite others to join NMTC.
  2. Monthly Member Expert Speaker Meetings (Randy Rippin, Dr. Michael O’Leary, Ed Thomas) – Suggest topics, plan, recruit speakers and coordinate monthly member meetings
  3. Grow Your Business Roundtable ( Doug Zeisel, Jack Schammel) Coordinate Growing Business Roundtable and suggest and coordinate additional roundtables, workshops that will expand peer-to-peer support and shared knowledge.


  1. Tech Support for NMTC (John Casner) – technology tools for member communication
  2. Fund raising (John Casner) – Identify and solicit sponsors for NMTC events and STEM related functions
  3. PR, Communication (John Casner) – Showcase NMTC to keep members informed and to attract new members.
  4. Membership dues and profiles ( John Casner) – Organize and administer annual dues and member profile process