Armed Forces Directory Announced

A valuable opportunity to make your contracting services  known to those in the APG and Ft Meade communities. Contact for details

Here is why this will work for you. The Armed Forces Directory offers two effective ways your business can display its expertise to military personnel, civilian personnel, and contractors who are either already located at Aberdeen Proving Ground or Fort Meade and to those in the process of relocating to APG or Fort Meade:

1) In their printed directory—a semi-annual publication. Advertisements are renewable.

2) Weblink your Business: Directories are published on line at no charge.

Both the printed directory and the website are categorized according to services and products, allowing your current customers and potential customers easy access to needed information.

Services and products are listed alphabetically by category, in both the printed directory and on the website, allowing your customers and potential customers easy access to needed information about your company and what it provides.