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Aug 06, 2020 Water Cooler
Pivot Your Business During Covid-19
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While COVID-19 has forced many businesses to change their business models quickly, “pivoting” has been and will continue to be a critical skill for businesses to survive and grow. This discussion focused on key mega trends in the next decade and the framework to help leaders prepare for changes. To illustrate the application of the framework, they used how government contractors can build artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to stay competitive.

Thanks to Our Presenters
BAM Advisory and TCV Partners

Jackie Luo is an investor and an entrepreneur, with expertise in software and technology businesses. Mostly recently, she was the CEO of a Baltimore based SaaS company, E-ISG Asset Intelligence. Jackie was responsible for growing the company as an early innovator in SaaS and mobile technology profitably, before selling the business to a publicly traded company in 2018.

Currently, Jackie is the principal of her own consulting business BAM Advisory. She is also a partner at TCV Partners, a Maryland based business consulting firm. She holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and lives in Virginia with her two daughters.

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