Taxes and Covid, not Prepared?

TOPIC- Taxes $ Covid – Not Prepared?

Presentation available for download below. A caveat; the tax laws on Covid-19  are not all finalized, and what is offered here, should be verified with your accountant at time of filing.

Our Presenters
Basalmo, Stewart, Lutters and Ruth CPA’s in Bel Air MD are Certified Public Accountants and Consultants serving Harford County, Cecil County, and central Maryland, and specifically, many in our local defense and private industry. Presenting with be two of the firm’s principles; Margaret Ruth and Brian Lutters.


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e CAA business meals 2021 2022
g MD tax alert 01 06 2021 extensions


iDisruptor 3.5 Election Results Update

Our December iDisruptor, as one of its key topic areas, was the effect the 2020 election will have on COVID-19 government mitigation and financial markets.  

Our distinguished group of speakers forecast what may be in store for business, technology, and what politics may cause, in the wake of one of the most consequential elections in recent history.

Now this update, based on results from the Georgia runoff election, Democratic control of the senate appears more likely. here is how this may impact markets:

  • More fiscal spending may be more likely: passing infrastructure spending and delivering more COVID-19 relief via budget reconciliation. If they are successful, this could be good for the growth impulse (both in the U.S. and globally), which is good for equities, but likely to push nominal interest rates and inflation expectations higher.


  • Some taxes may increase to help fund expanded government spending. The corporate tax rate may increase, and treatment of capital gains and dividends may change as well, but likely won’t enter the conversation until late 2021 or 2022. This could be a slight headwind for corporate after-tax profits, but probably not significant enough to offset the positive impact from more government spending.


  • More stringent regulation is possible. Big Tech is already being scrutinized by the FTC and DOJ. Traditional Energy companies may face targeted regulation around taxes, drilling, and tighter emissions standards. Drug price controls are also more likely.  Tech regulation has been on investors’ radar for a while now, Clean Energy is increasingly gaining favor over Traditional Energy, and the conversation on drug price controls has been a topic for years.

Stop Computer Fraud

Dec 03, 2020, 4-5PM on Zoom Cast

This Water Cooler’s ‘Hot Cooler Topic”, warned us on how vulnerable we are to the ever changing mix of the prominent, eight intrusions into our computing system, and while some are annoying when caught early, others become catastrophic if not.

This was a non-technical, data-driven discussion with topics including:

  1. 32,002 security incidents from 74 security firms (Akamai to US Secret Service)
  2. Quick and inexpensive security wins
  3. Finding your organization’s security comfort level
  4. Security priorities by industry focusing on known risks
  5. Helping top management make security decisions
  6. A quick overview County and State training grants for Maryland businesses

The host used their GoToWebinar platform to share the presentation available for download, after your sign in to their platform, at .

Download presentation here:

The  Presenter was Maury Weinstein, System Source Co-Founder, who is always passionate about avoiding $ losses, as he shared the wisdom acquired from his 38 years managing thousands of workstations and servers.

iDisruptor 3.5, The Future of Everything, Part One

The Future of Everything: Covid-19: Technology, Markets, and Political Implications in 2021…and well beyond. See below for presentations download and You Tube Video

“COVID-19, and our responses to it, have dramatically altered our lives. Important things we depend on have, and continue to change; some forever, forcing us to rapidly adapt. Understanding how we adapt to the Virus will affect society in 2021 is imperative to navigating its lasting repercussions and eventually overcoming it.

As business, government and non-profit leaders continue to navigate their organizations through the lasting effects of COVID-19, the NMTC is bringing together three experts to discuss technology, business, and politics in 2021:

Starting our 5th year, this iDisruptor presented new technologies and new technology sectors emerging or grown at scale nine months into the pandemic and queuing you into what markets are baking into 2021, a result of the enduring effects of COVID-19.  Also, identifying new sectors paved by COVID-19 and technology prognostication that has and has not panned out at this critical juncture in the pandemic.

How our health will be made secure showcased by Medstar’s Telehealth, previously in its infancy before the pandemic but now conducting thousands of telehealth transactions each month.  This remarkable telehealth journey predicts if traditional medical appointment will ever be the same again.

Finally, the effect the 2020 election will have on COVID-19 government mitigation and financial markets.  Our distinguished group of speakers forecast what may be in store for business, technology, and what politics may cause, in the wake of one of the most consequential elections in recent history.

The NMTC presented answers of profound importance to the future of everything! Our three nationally recognized thought leaders revealed what is to come with the Virus in 2021 and beyond.  This is the first installment of NMTC’s new series: The Future of Everything, capturing for you the interconnections of serious, game-changing, emerging technologies.


Jacob Manoukian, Global Market Strategist at J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Jacob is responsible for developing and communicating the JP Morgan’s market view. He is an industry recognized leader in economic, investment, and market strategy.

Ethan Booker, MD, FACEP, Medical Director at MedStar Telehealth Innovation Center

Dr. Booker is the medical director of the MedStar Telehealth Innovation Center and MedStar eVisit. He is a core faculty member of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and MedStar Washington Hospital Center Emergency Medicine Residency program.

Stephen Jones, Vice President at JMI Equity

Stephen is responsible for sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities at one of the region’s leading private equity firms. Prior to joining JMI, Stephen was an associate consultant at Bain & Company. Stephen also served as a financial analyst in the global investment research division of Goldman Sachs.

Thanks to our moderator, John W. Karabias, Vice President of Growth and Strategy for Jacobs’ Cyber and Intelligence business, adjunct professor of information systems at Loyola University of MD and board member at the NMTC.

NMTC iDisruptor 3.5, JP Morgan Presentation
NMTC iDisruptor 3.5, MEDSTAR Presentation

You Tube Video

Positioning To Win In A Period of Uncertainty

Positioning to Win In a Period of Economic Uncertainty

Information, intelligence, and concepts that will position a company for long term success as the Covid-19 turmoil plays out.  Highly educational in nature, but more importantly, well-thought out, with their client proven concepts, highly actionable.


Thanks Gant Global for your support




Presented By:
Michael Augerinos
Regional Director of Business Development, Cogent Analytics

Michael is a Regional Director for Cogent Analytics, helping hundreds of small business owners become more efficient, profitable, and most importantly, improving their quality of life! He will share their concept of the 4 pillar, a tailored solution that has supported growth and empowered owners to make informed business decisions. 

Stuart Wilkins
A fellow Marylander, with years in both the MD Department of the Environment, overseeing all business operations, and the MD Transit Administration overseeing business operations for the Purple Line, he now focuses on educating small business owners on how to improve operations, sales, personnel, measurements, which all impacts profits.




The 13th Annual NMTC Tournament supporting the Northeastern Maryland Tech Council, its Women In Stem Scholarships, Technology for Kids, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Harford & Cecil Counties was finally held Nov 02, after three postponements  – two COVID regulations related and one rain-out. Finally, almost 80 players turned out for sunny, but very windy day, making it well attended event. See Foursome Photos at

NEW this year was a Barrow of Cheer (Wine & Spirits) Raffle, won by Randy Rippin, RTR Technologies, who kindly donated the majority of his winnings back to NMTC for  inclusion in our June 07, 2021 GOLF4STEM Tournament, basket.

The Winning team, with a low net of 61, was Team NextGen Federal Systems, also our tournament sponsor.
Additional contest winners were:
Closet to the pin – men, was Clark Dutterer, SURVICE Engineering
Longest Drive – men, was Don Hutchins, on Randy Siler’s team
Longest Drive – women was, Kelly Koemer, Harford Community College

Thanks to our sponsors who make this tournament a great fundraiser for our Women in STEM programs

TechKey Virtual- New Product Success






Download Presentation  201007 Understanding the Product Development Process NMTC

Topic, “Insider’s Secret to a Successful Product”
Understanding the Product Development Process, Taking a “Hardware” idea all the way to production

Amazing depth of detail to assure new product launch success, from ‘do yoiu even have a product’  through the myriad of regulations, legal and even political requirements, 

Comparisons made with Software new products as they are the darling of entrepreneurs and investors, where all it requires is a desk, programing platform and a compiler to get started (abbreviated, of course).

The gist of the talk focused on Hardware-based new products, engine for building valuable assets and manufacturing jobs creation  often requires much larger investment to develop than software
• Team of experts
• Equipment, networks to interface
and communicate with
• Costly prototype runs, printed
circuit boards, cables, mechanical
components, enclosures… and
• Test, prototyping, manufacturing,
fabrication equipment
• Physical space

While hardware-based new product is a more demanding a process, these same secret tips used there will assure you better results no matter what type of new product you pursue.

Our Presenter
Cyrus Etemad‐Moghadam, President – RPM Tech, From Creative Concepts to Productions Solutions, Making things work since 2006

TechKey Virtual Talks, focus monthly on the latest things the NMTC Tech Team are learning that will help you to succeed no matter where you work, even working remotely.

TechKey Talks (virtual) give you quick, “Ah-Ha” explanations about the most important technologies, processes and self-help that sometimes perplex, frustrate, or make you hesitant to use. We give you the expert, along with their tips & shortcuts to help you master your world. It’s good conversation, and you’re invited. When in person, It’s over complimentary coffee and conversation.  Now being virtual, bring your coffee, and we’ll still have the conversation, and of course, you’re invited and your friends as well.

Water Cooler – Were Your Digital Resources Compromised?






“Were Your Digital Resources Compromise, Working Remotely?”.

WATERCOOLER 20200922 Get your ID v01 – Copy

Video of event

\We rely ever more on our digital resources to work flawlessly, where the scramble to work remotely during Covid-19 has compromised, previously consistent, well structured, resources related to corporate identification, corporate information, and IT logins and resources. The sudden rush to work remotely have found these core, critical items cobbled together, with numerous versions and individual with logins and control that are unknown to the organization at large. How do we fix this? Our expert, who troubleshoots thousands of digital resources shares quick, “keep it safe’ steps to return you and your organization to a digital strong structure.

Marco Ciavolino runs a private consultancy, enktesis, LLC, that assists clients in a range of web technology solutions, marketing communications, business development, and communications research efforts. He has been involved in the web space, almost from its inception in the ’90’s, and since 1995 has directly developed and collaborated on hundreds of web projects from small niche sites to large enterprise projects.

NMTC and Marco, a previous Visionary Awards Honoree, are also involved extensively with STEM education, is the creator of a product line called RobotMats (, for  robotics training and competition,  now licensed exclusively to Geyer Instructional.  Want to know more?  Visit

The Water Cooler presents a “HOT Cooler topic”, on ways to succeed during Covid-19
You get expert’s views, their knowledge on topic that currently matter to you, where you ask questions, get answers, and solve problems.

The Water Cooler is a historical metaphor of camaraderie, communication and collaboration where NMTC members contribute to the collective understanding of how to best succeed. We use Zoom Conference for this virtual meeting.

TechKey Virtual- 5G4Work

Download Presentation  MD5G KCI NMTC Event

5G technology is well on its way to cover the planet in high speed, huge bandwidth and instant connection to each other and everything.

The shift in the way we communicate has evolved rapidly in the last few years. We depend on mobile data to operate efficiently in our daily lives. The revolution to 5G will deliver data at rates 20x faster than the infrastructure in place today enabling new technologies and innovations to thrive. In the coming years, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) will power how we live—and how we work—in even more ways.. For more detail SEE THE BENEFITS  

Our Presenter
MD5G Partnership

TechKey Virtual Talks, focus monthly on the latest things the NMTC Tech Team are learning that will help you to succeed no matter where you work, even working remotely.

Water Cooler – Building Trust During Covid-19

Before the Corona virus, we built relationships in-person, with often impromptu and the give and take conversations in meetings and coffee shops, plus the occasional, traditional phone calls and the far too many emails.

Now we find ourselves, almost daily, communicating with a 2 in square video of another person on webcams – colleagues, customers, potential clients, kids teachers.
Surprisingly, that could reveal a lot about that person if you know what to look for, and even better yet, when you meet the person..

What you missed was an impactful summary innovative and effective communications tools and trust-building methods, that typically are conducted in a day’s long workshop.

This diagnostic tool shown here starts you on the path to building TRUST, and effectively connecting with others, and importantly, them reciprocating. Download here Summary of Water Cooler, Sep 03, 2020

Our Speaker
Mike Penkethman is President and founder of the Pilotage Group, and for over 20 years, advised, consulted and trained executives Fortune 500 companies to become better communicators and thus, leaders in their organizations.

Further detail available at