Water Cooler – Digital Transformation of Manufacturing

Digital Transformation of Manufacturing






Digital Tech Transforming Manufacturing. Powered by data and automation, digitization is transforming every step of the manufacturing process, from supply chain and enterprise to the shop floor and end users. … By adopting and implementing smart technologiesmanufacturers can increase productivity, improve inefficiencies and further sustainability.

The buzz term is Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, and it’s about focusing on connectivity and communication. It presents a future where devices are connected so that they can communicate and make smart decisions, often more robot than human. 

Mike Galiazzo, Ph.D, is the long tenured President of the Regional Manufacturing Institute of MD, for over 30 years championing the value of a growing manufacturing base in Maryland.

IiDisruptor Tech Talk 3.6

IDisruptor Tech Talk 3.6

Markets, Technology, and the New Now
(see below for downloads)

This iDisruptor focused on our country’s emergence festering from COVID-19, transitioning to the “NEW NOW” by Fall 2021, by showcasing the technologies, disruptive ideas, and having as speakers, forward-thinking leaders contributing to our emergence from the pandemic,

We again offer our thanks to these speakers: LTG (ret.) Bruce Crawford, former Commanding General, APG and now SVP for Strategic Development at Jacobs; Darius Irani, Ph.D. Chief Economist, Towson University and Sean Plankey, Deputy Asst Secretary, Cybersecurity, Dept of Energy (FMR), and for the expertise of moderator John Karabias, Vice President of Growth and Strategy for Jacobs’ Cyber and Intelligence business, adjunct professor of information systems at Loyola University of MD, and board member at the NMTC.






iDisruptor 3.6 Presentation by Dr. Darius Iranai

YouTube Video of iDisruptor 3.6





10th Annual Visionary Awards Honorees announced

NMTC 10th Annual Visionary Awards

We are pleased to enter our second decade honoring those who help improve and create or STEM educated workforce.

The NMTC Visionary Awards, celebrates our neighbors, colleagues, family, and friends for their volunteer efforts that contribute to building a STEM-educated workforce and advancing technology & innovation. The combination of the two provide rewarding careers for our children, expands our regional economy and protects our national security. This evening gala honors those individuals.

Our honorees are recommended by the Academy of Visionary Awards along with the NMTC Visionary Awards Committee – a very deliberative process and worthy of the contributions these honorees make continuously to our community. The Academy of Visionary Awards, this year, will be 140 honorees.

Our honorees are recommended by the Academy of Visionary Awards along with the NMTC Visionary Awards Committee – a very deliberative process and worthy of the contributions these honorees make continuously to our community. The Academy of Visionary Awards comprises 140 honorees, over the previous 10 years.

We thank:
Our returning Gala sponsor, Harford Community College
Theme Sponsor, Bravura Information Technology Systems
Platinum Sponsor, DSA, INC
Platinum Sponsor, Cecil College
Gold Sponsor, Discovery Center at Water’s Edge
Silver Sponsor, Towson University in NE MD

The 2021 Visionary Award honorees are:

Visionary  Jeff Foulk, CEO SURVICE Engineering

Leader Laura Cianelli Preston, Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Professions, Harford Community College
Leader Kyle Rickansrud, Director of Technology Services and Media, Cecil County Public Schools
Leader  Tim McNamara, Chairman, Facilities Committee, Discovery Center at Water’s Edge
Leader  Andrew Renzulli, Supervisor of Science, Harford County Public Schools
Leader Dr. James Morgan, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Cecil College

Innovator  Todd Miller, Product Manager, Data Systems Analysts, Inc
Innovator Dawn Grissom, Project Director, Harford Community College
Innovator JP Lapps, Senior Vice President, NextGen Federal Systems
Innovator Kim Sheppard, Chair Mathematics Department, Cecil College
Innovator Mark A. Mears, Director, Facilities Management & Emerg. Prep. ChristianaCare, Union Hospital

Mentor Amy Fares, Project Manager, Data Systems Analysts, Inc
Mentor Erin Poole, Customer Service Representative and SharePoint Developer, Data Systems Analysts, Inc
Mentor Dr. Art Lee, Research Engineer, (ret) US Army Research Lab
Mentor Sarah Wheat, Chief, Employee Development and Engagement Branch, Army Research Lab

Rising Star Kayla Ross, Science and Engineering Lab Coordinator, Cecil College
Rising Star Jeremy Ruroede, Founder, SERRI Technologies



Water Cooler- Three Magic Things of Cybersecurity







“The Three Magic Things” of Cybersecurity”.
Download presentation:
Atlantic Data Forensics NMTC 3 Magic Things March 2021

On March 04, 2021, Brian Dykstra, CEO of Atlantic Data Forensics, Inc., with over 25 years’ experience in investigations, computer forensics, incident response, and secure network architecture and his company, an internationally recognized company handling hundreds of forensic investigations and data breaches each year for clients in the US, presented the most valuable tips for us to stay safe in the cyber world.

The basis for his presentation centered around Cyber Crime- one of the greatest threats to every business, and the pandemic has increased the threat 400% as noted recently by the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center- IC(3). The impacts to the financial health of the company, reputation, and ability to operate can be catastrophic if not handled well from the time of the incident identification. Brian reviewed some recent cases during the pandemic that employers have faced and how they handled the situation.

His solution is: “Be Proactive, Prepare For The New Threats”

  • Ransomware is an Evolving Threat that Now Exploits the New Normal Brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Organizations with Newly Remote Workers are at Heightened Risk
  • Enterprises can Deploy “Three Magic Things,” which will Significantly Reduce Their Risk of a Cyber Incident at Little to No Cost

Water Cooler – Fortifying the Home Office from Cyber Threats

Feb 04, 2021, 4-5PM, via Zoom.
Fortifying Your (Work At Home) Office From Cyber Threats.

The event was sold out, a combination of topic and speaker

With all the news about foreign actors hacking into our most secure corporate networks, and spying on us through other media, we must up our game working at home to stay safe. Fortunately, the National Security Agency because of all these threats, recently released guidance on how to secure your work at home office from cyber threats.

Many of the helpful guide are listed below to download/

We thank our speaker:
Michael O’Leary, Ph.D., Professor & Chair, Math Dept at Towson University, and author, Cyber Operations: Building, Defending, and Attacking Modern Computer Networks, who explained what the NSA recommends, how to apply them to your work-at-home-office, and why they are so critical to you, and your employer, even if your employer has already secured your office

Securing a Home Network

Updating and Upgrading Software

Collaboration and Video Conferencing Solutions

Securing your web browser

Multi-Factor Authentication

Want more? Do you have questions about mobile devices, social media, location data exposure, or identity theft?

Taxes and Covid, not Prepared?

TOPIC- Taxes $ Covid – Not Prepared?

Presentation available for download below. A caveat; the tax laws on Covid-19  are not all finalized, and what is offered here, should be verified with your accountant at time of filing.

Our Presenters
Basalmo, Stewart, Lutters and Ruth CPA’s in Bel Air MD are Certified Public Accountants and Consultants serving Harford County, Cecil County, and central Maryland, and specifically, many in our local defense and private industry. Presenting with be two of the firm’s principles; Margaret Ruth and Brian Lutters.


a Secure Act client letter
b CARES act individuals
c CAA individuals
d CAA businesses
e CAA business meals 2021 2022
g MD tax alert 01 06 2021 extensions


iDisruptor 3.5 Election Results Update

Our December iDisruptor, as one of its key topic areas, was the effect the 2020 election will have on COVID-19 government mitigation and financial markets.  

Our distinguished group of speakers forecast what may be in store for business, technology, and what politics may cause, in the wake of one of the most consequential elections in recent history.

Now this update, based on results from the Georgia runoff election, Democratic control of the senate appears more likely. here is how this may impact markets:

  • More fiscal spending may be more likely: passing infrastructure spending and delivering more COVID-19 relief via budget reconciliation. If they are successful, this could be good for the growth impulse (both in the U.S. and globally), which is good for equities, but likely to push nominal interest rates and inflation expectations higher.


  • Some taxes may increase to help fund expanded government spending. The corporate tax rate may increase, and treatment of capital gains and dividends may change as well, but likely won’t enter the conversation until late 2021 or 2022. This could be a slight headwind for corporate after-tax profits, but probably not significant enough to offset the positive impact from more government spending.


  • More stringent regulation is possible. Big Tech is already being scrutinized by the FTC and DOJ. Traditional Energy companies may face targeted regulation around taxes, drilling, and tighter emissions standards. Drug price controls are also more likely.  Tech regulation has been on investors’ radar for a while now, Clean Energy is increasingly gaining favor over Traditional Energy, and the conversation on drug price controls has been a topic for years.

Stop Computer Fraud

Dec 03, 2020, 4-5PM on Zoom Cast

This Water Cooler’s ‘Hot Cooler Topic”, warned us on how vulnerable we are to the ever changing mix of the prominent, eight intrusions into our computing system, and while some are annoying when caught early, others become catastrophic if not.

This was a non-technical, data-driven discussion with topics including:

  1. 32,002 security incidents from 74 security firms (Akamai to US Secret Service)
  2. Quick and inexpensive security wins
  3. Finding your organization’s security comfort level
  4. Security priorities by industry focusing on known risks
  5. Helping top management make security decisions
  6. A quick overview County and State training grants for Maryland businesses

The host used their GoToWebinar platform to share the presentation available for download, after your sign in to their platform, at .

Download presentation here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/42056731161927439

The  Presenter was Maury Weinstein, System Source Co-Founder, who is always passionate about avoiding $ losses, as he shared the wisdom acquired from his 38 years managing thousands of workstations and servers.

iDisruptor 3.5, The Future of Everything, Part One

The Future of Everything: Covid-19: Technology, Markets, and Political Implications in 2021…and well beyond. See below for presentations download and You Tube Video

“COVID-19, and our responses to it, have dramatically altered our lives. Important things we depend on have, and continue to change; some forever, forcing us to rapidly adapt. Understanding how we adapt to the Virus will affect society in 2021 is imperative to navigating its lasting repercussions and eventually overcoming it.

As business, government and non-profit leaders continue to navigate their organizations through the lasting effects of COVID-19, the NMTC is bringing together three experts to discuss technology, business, and politics in 2021:

Starting our 5th year, this iDisruptor presented new technologies and new technology sectors emerging or grown at scale nine months into the pandemic and queuing you into what markets are baking into 2021, a result of the enduring effects of COVID-19.  Also, identifying new sectors paved by COVID-19 and technology prognostication that has and has not panned out at this critical juncture in the pandemic.

How our health will be made secure showcased by Medstar’s Telehealth, previously in its infancy before the pandemic but now conducting thousands of telehealth transactions each month.  This remarkable telehealth journey predicts if traditional medical appointment will ever be the same again.

Finally, the effect the 2020 election will have on COVID-19 government mitigation and financial markets.  Our distinguished group of speakers forecast what may be in store for business, technology, and what politics may cause, in the wake of one of the most consequential elections in recent history.

The NMTC presented answers of profound importance to the future of everything! Our three nationally recognized thought leaders revealed what is to come with the Virus in 2021 and beyond.  This is the first installment of NMTC’s new series: The Future of Everything, capturing for you the interconnections of serious, game-changing, emerging technologies.


Jacob Manoukian, Global Market Strategist at J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Jacob is responsible for developing and communicating the JP Morgan’s market view. He is an industry recognized leader in economic, investment, and market strategy.

Ethan Booker, MD, FACEP, Medical Director at MedStar Telehealth Innovation Center

Dr. Booker is the medical director of the MedStar Telehealth Innovation Center and MedStar eVisit. He is a core faculty member of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and MedStar Washington Hospital Center Emergency Medicine Residency program.

Stephen Jones, Vice President at JMI Equity

Stephen is responsible for sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities at one of the region’s leading private equity firms. Prior to joining JMI, Stephen was an associate consultant at Bain & Company. Stephen also served as a financial analyst in the global investment research division of Goldman Sachs.

Thanks to our moderator, John W. Karabias, Vice President of Growth and Strategy for Jacobs’ Cyber and Intelligence business, adjunct professor of information systems at Loyola University of MD and board member at the NMTC.

NMTC iDisruptor 3.5, JP Morgan Presentation
NMTC iDisruptor 3.5, MEDSTAR Presentation

You Tube Video

Positioning To Win In A Period of Uncertainty

Positioning to Win In a Period of Economic Uncertainty

Information, intelligence, and concepts that will position a company for long term success as the Covid-19 turmoil plays out.  Highly educational in nature, but more importantly, well-thought out, with their client proven concepts, highly actionable.


Thanks Gant Global for your support




Presented By:
Michael Augerinos
Regional Director of Business Development, Cogent Analytics

Michael is a Regional Director for Cogent Analytics, helping hundreds of small business owners become more efficient, profitable, and most importantly, improving their quality of life! He will share their concept of the 4 pillar, a tailored solution that has supported growth and empowered owners to make informed business decisions. 

Stuart Wilkins
A fellow Marylander, with years in both the MD Department of the Environment, overseeing all business operations, and the MD Transit Administration overseeing business operations for the Purple Line, he now focuses on educating small business owners on how to improve operations, sales, personnel, measurements, which all impacts profits.