Water Cooler – Pivot Your Business

Aug 06, 2020 Water Cooler
Pivot Your Business During Covid-19
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While COVID-19 has forced many businesses to change their business models quickly, “pivoting” has been and will continue to be a critical skill for businesses to survive and grow. This discussion focused on key mega trends in the next decade and the framework to help leaders prepare for changes. To illustrate the application of the framework, they used how government contractors can build artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to stay competitive.

Thanks to Our Presenters
BAM Advisory and TCV Partners

Jackie Luo is an investor and an entrepreneur, with expertise in software and technology businesses. Mostly recently, she was the CEO of a Baltimore based SaaS company, E-ISG Asset Intelligence. Jackie was responsible for growing the company as an early innovator in SaaS and mobile technology profitably, before selling the business to a publicly traded company in 2018.

Currently, Jackie is the principal of her own consulting business BAM Advisory. She is also a partner at TCV Partners, a Maryland based business consulting firm. She holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and lives in Virginia with her two daughters.

The Water Cooler presents a “HOT Cooler topic”, on ways to succeed during Covid-19
You get experts views, their knowledge on topic that currently matter to you, where you ask questions, get answers, and solve problems.

The Water Cooler is a historical metaphor of camaraderie, communication and collaboration where NMTC members contribute to the collective understanding of how to best succeed. We use Zoom Conference for this virtual meeting.

The Water Cooler tracks ever changing regulations, success stories and helpful hints. Click HERE for business help from federal, state and counties and tracking COVID19 and what NMTC members are doing, archived results from previous Virtual Water Coolers and more

TechKey – Social Media – Me or Pro

July 15, 2020
Presentation download HERE
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Our members learned about using social media to keep their business in front of their potential customers regularly with some tips and tricks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

We learned about what it means to ‘do it yourself,’ but also grasp the value of having an “expert” guide you, so we can decide which avenue is best for our business.

Our Presenter
Kelly Jarvis, Changeup Marketing, offered her 16 years of experience working with businesses of all sizes on their marketing initiatives, telling their stories and importantly, making money. She is passionate about change, contagiously enthusiastic, and can’t wait to help your business, brand, or nonprofit find your place in the digital world. She’ll  help you make those changes you know need to be done, but aren’t sure how to execute.
Her contact information is:
Email: Kelly@changeupmarketing.net, LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelljarvis/

TechKey Virtual Talks, focus monthly on the latest things the NMTC Tech Team are learning that will help you to succeed no matter where you work, even working remotely.

Water Cooler- Ergonomics, Fitness Tips

July 09, 2020
This month we were honored to have as our “HOT COOLER” topic, and expert:


“Ergonomic & Fitness Tips for the new Work from Home Lifestyle”  presented by Dr. Kevin Murray, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland School of Medicine-Department of Physical Therapy, and the E.I.M. Institute of Health, and founder of Gold Medal Physical Therapy, Bel Air, MD

Download the presentation here: July 09, 2020 Water Cooler Handout

The Water Cooler’s first 15-20 minutes covers the HOT Cooler topic, with the remainder of the ‘cooler hour’ for us to:
Ask questions, get answers, solve problems,
Become/stay connected and Contribute to the challenges at hand.

The Water Cooler, an historical metaphor of camaraderie, communication and collaboration where NMTC members and  guests focus on the urgent and important issues they face, ask/answer questions and contribute to the collective understanding of how to best succeed. We use Zoom Conference for this virtual meeting.

Seven New NMTC Members

We welcome seven new members for the first half of CY 2020. They are Headquartered from Cecil County to Arlington, VA and represent a broad cross section of industries;  from telecommunications, banking, professional services, international consulting, DoD to non-profits, and range in size from 10 employees to over 300,000 employees.

They join NMTC to help tackle the big, concerning issues facing our community, to stimulate technology innovation and STEM workforce development, and importantly, collaborate on the large issues influencing economic growth of this region, and the security of our country.

Seven New Members Join NMTC in first-half 2020, for distribution June 30, 2020



iDisruptor, COVID-19 and the Future of Work

Over 50 concerned industry and government leaders learned how they may successfully navigate workplace changes forced by COVID-19, while leveraging the new technologies infiltrating every industry.See here for the caliber of speakers, each one commanding a national audience on their own. Flyer download NMTC iDisruptor 3.4 – COVID-19 and the Future Of Work_

This tech-talk explored economic and technological aspects of this challenge.  It was a dive deep discussion on the future of work as COVID-19 has turned economic thinking upside down, leaving organizational leaders to consider new ways to work, and firms responding by rethinking the modern workplace and traditional management science.

This was the largest virtual tech event ever hosted by NMTC, and also the largest tech event his year.

A few organizations had multiple attendees on the talk, where afterwards, they would collaborate on the speaker’s points to contemplate how that would benefit their own organization. 

You’ll find the downloadable video, below, which is easy to share with your team to encourage conversation and determine for you, how best to accommodate a post COVID-19 world.


TechKey – CMMC Update

June 17, 2020
Ready for CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification)?

June 17 TechKey was an informative session presented by the experts at Cyber Trust Alliance and CMIT Solutions on the latest details and updates on the evolving CMMC – Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification as it affects ALL DoD contractors, their subs and others doing business with the federal government. They transmitted what is coming out of DoD, and translated it for you to know expectations for compliance.

Quick review of CMMC
It builds upon existing guidance ( DFARS 252.204-7012, “Safeguarding Covered Defense Information and Cyber Incident Reporting,” and NIST SP 800-171, “Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information in Nonfederal Systems and Organizations.”) by introducing additional standards (Five levels of increasing complexity) that transition away from the current self-reporting approach, to a new paradigm involving an independent verification process with defined risk considerations based on scope and requirements of specific DoD contracts (primes and their sub-contractors)

Our Presenters
CMIT Solutions support services provides solid IT support to small and medium-sized businesses, specializing in delivering enterprise-level support worthy of a Fortune 500 company – at a price a small to medium-sized business can appreciate.  With each office backed by a nationwide network of more than 200 locations and 750 technicians – from Fortune 500 backgrounds, they quickly scale big company support down to your business, user and device.

TechKey Talks, now virtually, focus monthly on the latest things the NMTC Tech Team are learning that will help you to succeed no matter where you work, even working remotely.

DOWNLOAD presentations here:

Copy of CMMC NIST SP800-171 Comparison Template CMMC_ModelMain_V1.02_20200318CMMC_ModelMain_V1.02_20200318CMMC updatesCMMC NIST SP800-171 Comparison Template

NMTC/Bravura Scholarship Winners Announced

(click on photo to enlarge)

NMTC/ Bravura Awards $40,000 Scholarships to Women In STEM

The Northeastern Maryland Technology Council (NMTC), through the generosity and commitment of Bravura Information Technology Systems, and their founder Claudine Adams, awarded eight recipients NMTC/Bravura Women in STEM Scholarships for 2020; the program now in its third year.

This unique annual program of eight $5000 scholarships, was open to women graduating from Harford and Cecil County Maryland public schools, pursuing a four-year degree in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) based on a rigorous eligibility process, they were awarded as follows:

  • Scholarships to graduating women from the Harford County public schools.
  • Scholarships to graduating women from Cecil County public schools.
  • Scholarships to graduating women whose parent is an NMTC member.

The scholarship program will again accept nominees, Jan 2021 at



Water Cooler – Avoid legal issues reopening offices and return of employees

May 21, 2020
Bowie & Jensen, LLC
presented the HOT Cooler Topic: Avoid legal issues reopening offices and return of employees

Bowie & Jensen reviewed how they have been advising their clients about the latest interpretation of federal government rules, pertaining to:

Liability issues to consider when deciding whether to reopen (after orders are lifted) that affect both your customers and employees

Download presentation here: Bowie & Jensen, LLC, Avoid legal issues reopening offices and return of employees, NMTC Water Cooler, 05.21.2020

Water Cooler – Will the looming PPP Forgiveness become your Nightmare? NMTC Water Cooler

May 14, 2020

The SC&H Group presented the HOT Cooler Topic: Will the looming PPP Forgiveness become your Nightmare?

The SC&H group (James Eaton and Brian Kirst) expertly touched on:
Calculating your loan forgiveness, the guidelines to prevent confusion—and phone calls to your bank.
What’s best to track allowable expenses – spreadsheets, technology and your accountant.
Tax time – will there be complications with IRS Code Section 265 and deductions for “otherwise allowable expenses that are allowable to exempt income.”
Who will do and how will the audits be, and how to prepare?
What are the mechanisms to report the data required for forgiveness back to the bank.

Download SC&H presentation here: SC&H Group, Government Contractors and the Paycheck Protection Program, NMTC Water Cooler, 5.14.2020