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Coffee with Casner

CoffeeWithCasnerLogo WebGrab a cup of coffee and browse latest trends in advancing technology & innovation, building the technically-skilled workforce and creating collaborative ways to succeed. A two-minute read looking at the spark soon to become the fire of change.

Israel’s 9,000 commercial drone test flights awesome to see

What Is It? Ferrying cartons of ice cream, sushi and Covid vaccines across the city in an experiment that officials hope provided a glimpse of the not-too-distant future.

Why Important: Israel's National Drone Initiative, a government program, carried out the drill to prepare for a world in which large quantities of commercial deliveries will be made by drones to take pressure off highly congested urban roads. The two-year program aims to apply the capabilities of Israeli drone companies to establish a nationwide network where customers can order goods and have them delivered to pick up spots.


Why Simple Machine Learning Models Are Key To Driving Business Decisions

What Is It? Tiny Model Theory is the idea that you don’t need to use heavy-duty ML models to carry out simple repetitive everyday business predictions.

Why Important: Using more lightweight models cuts down on the time you’d need for the aforementioned bottlenecks, decreasing your time to value. Tiny models, like logistic regression, can train concurrently by making use of distributed ML that parallel trains models across different cloud servers. Tiny are ideal candidates for distributed ML. Some of the top companies prefer simple models for their distributed ML pipeline involving edge devices, like IOTs and smartphones.


This $22 Indiegogo-funded charging cable eliminates clutter

What is it? The InCharge Charging Cable supports Lightning, USB-C and micro-USB devices, delivers 100W ultra-fast charging and offers fast data transfer.

Why Important: the InCharge Charging Cable offers a versatile number of ports. to connect, transfer files and charge compatible devices using its integrated Lightning, USB, USB-C and micro-USB connectors. It’s compatible with Apple's 18W fast-charging standard and can support up to 100W of power delivery for USB-C devices. Don’t have a standard outlet readily available? The InCharge even lets you use your phone or tablet as a portable power source.


Chemoinformatics Market is Estimated to Flourish by 2024

What is it? Chemoinformatics is defined as the application of computers to develop and process chemical data and is being widely utilized in drug discovery & designing, information handling, screening.

Why Important: The major driving factors which have driven the growth of the market includes the advancements in the drug development process and use of in-silico techniques. Chemoinformatics allows use of combinatorial chemistry to produce vast number of compounds, molecular modelling to improve drug activity; high throughput screening allowing screening of large number of compounds against a target protein, virtual in-vitro and in-silico models which replaces traditional animal testing models.


How AI And Automation Can Address America's Broken Supply Chain

What is it? Technologies such as AI, which can extract actionable insights from machines, cameras and other sensors deployed on the production floor, help keep production output up and running and deliver the products to the next step of the supply chain, all the way to the final consumer.

Why Important: AI can help mitigate human error on the production floor to reduce the millions of tons of waste making its way to the dumpsters every year, by making sense of the streams of complex sensor data monitering machine's inner workings and alerting the operator if a derailment from a normal production regimen occurs. This prevents the machine from damaging products or causing a costly line shutdown, in turn causing production and shipping delays.In logistics, a key component of supply chains, AI can be used to automatically locate expiration dates for packages or product routing, preventing extra manual labor and delays in shipping.


Why Cybersecurity is a Data Problem

What is it? Due to the accelerated rate of digitization that companies large workforces are going through due to the pandemic has increased connections that must be secured, with a greater need for authentication.

Why important. Behavioral data – such as the actions and interactions of users on your network – can be used to establish levels of "normal" activity, which can then be used to highlight outliers that could be a sign that something odd is going on. If a user is accessing systems or data from an IP that seems to originate in a part of the world where they are not usually operating, it can raise red flags. But as more of us are working remotely and perhaps from different locations than usual, it isn’t always that simple to identify.


What is it? All you need to know about top machine learning monitoring tools

Why Important: Machine learning models and monitoring tools help in animation, unsupervised learning, avoid prediction errors, self-iteration based on data, and dataset visualization, while you sleep.


What is it: Designed to loosely emulate the human brain, deep-learning AI systems can spot tumors, drive cars and write text, showing spectacular results in a lab setting but therein lies the catch. When it comes to using technology in the unpredictable real world, AI sometimes falls short.

Why Important: AI is not yet ready for prime time. Furthermore, it is hard to know when it will be. Companies should consider cultivating high-quality data — lots of it — and hiring people to do the work that AI is not ready to do.    


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