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How AI And Automation Can Address America's Broken Supply Chain. Posted 21_10_10

What is it? Technologies such as AI, which can extract actionable insights from machines, cameras and other sensors deployed on the production floor, help keep production output up and running and deliver the products to the next step of the supply chain, all the way to the final consumer.

Why Important: AI can help mitigate human error on the production floor to reduce the millions of tons of waste making its way to the dumpsters every year, by making sense of the streams of complex sensor data monitering machine's inner workings and alerting the operator if a derailment from a normal production regimen occurs. This prevents the machine from damaging products or causing a costly line shutdown, in turn causing production and shipping delays.In logistics, a key component of supply chains, AI can be used to automatically locate expiration dates for packages or product routing, preventing extra manual labor and delays in shipping.


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