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As corporate leaders seek to hire top talent, it is vital that those looking to bring in Gen Z do not forget that this is a generation like none before it — they should be treated as such.

By 2025, 27% of the workforce in OECD countries will be Gen Z. But this generation has a different set of priorities, caring more about flexibility, values and diversity than others that came before them.

The future workforce depends on Gen Z. It is the one-click, all-digital generation, growing up in a borderless world. And, by 2025, 27% of the workforce in OECD countries will be Gen Z.

Gen Z — seen as those born from the late 90s to early 2010s — value salary less than any other generation and see remote work as a top priority. They are also the most diverse, with the Census Bureau projecting this generation will be majority non-white by 2026.


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