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While the example reflects health care, the fundamentals apply to any provider organization wanting workflow optimization, minimizing staff shortages, and improving the customer experience. RTLS offerings, such as automated nurse call systems, can decrease response times to patient needs by 40% and help healthcare staff find fulfillment in their profession as they gain more time to focus on patient care. RTLS solutions provide healthcare staff more time for patient interaction by reducing manual documentation and workflow bottlenecks while enhancing clear communication between staff.


Advanced workflow platforms automatically run in the background and produce a significant impact by eliminating non-value-added tasks for caregivers and offering patients proactive status updates, estimated wait times, family text messaging to keep loved ones informed, and providing staff views on display boards that give an easy-to-read layout of each patient's location, the time they've been at the facility, the time they've been waiting for a staff member or provider, and which staff member or provider is currently in their room or was most recently with them.


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