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What is it?

You can keep your AirPods in your ears and share your listening experience with someone else via their own set of AirPods and not share your AirPods


Have you ever wanted to share a song or playlist with someone sitting next to you? It’s that perfect timing you want them to experience. The same goes for podcasts or movies/TV shows you watch and listen to on your iPhone. You could pass them an AirPod, but that raises all sorts of hygienic concerns.

If your friend has their AirPods, you can share audio from your iPhone. Here’s how:

  • While wearing your connected AirPods, tap the AirPlay icon on the Lock Screen, in the Control Center or on the Now Playing screen for the app you’re using.
  • Tap Share Audio.
  • Bring your iPhone close to the other iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap Share Audio on your iPhone again.
  • Have the other person tap Join on their device.


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