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The FTC just issued a new warning for anyone with a custom voicemail that uses your voice. Uh, why? Scammers are using artificial intelligence to clone people’s voices.


Hackers can use your “voice fingerprint” to access your voice-protected financial records or rip off your relatives. Lovely. The best way to avoid this? Delete your outgoing voicemail message that uses your voice and replace it with a generic robot voice.

“Is it me you’re looking for?”

But wait, there’s more! You should also stop saying “Hello?” when you answer the phone to a number you don’t recognize.

             If you decide to pick up an unknown call, stay quiet until the person on the other end speaks. If they don’t say a word, hang up.

             For good measure, you might as well block the call, too.

Consider where else you may be posting audio and video of yourself.

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