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Shifting To the Cloud? 20 Essential Steps for Long-Term Success


A shift to the cloud can come with multiple benefits for a small business, including enhanced productivity, the ability to quickly evolve processes and easier management of team technology needs. But that doesn’t mean the cloud is a comprehensive or “set it and forget it” solution.


20 tips

1. Question Providers About Data Management And Resiliency

2. Determine Responsibility And Accountability For Security

3. Be Wary Of Vendor Lock-In

4. Set Up Guidelines To Manage The Vendor Relationship

5. Establish Interdisciplinary Teams To Work With Vendors

6. Get Clear On Compliance

7. Remember You Must Still Manage Configuration

8. Create Access Control Policies

9. Develop Robust IAM Protocols

10. Consider Partnering With A Security Consulting Service

11. Establish Ongoing Monitoring, Maintenance And Refactoring Of Frameworks

12. Set Up Reporting And Analysis

13. Proactively Track Resources, Costs And Security

14. Regularly Check For Vulnerabilities, And Develop An Attack Response Strategy

15. Establish Continuous Monitoring For Drift

16. Invest In IaC (to invest in infrastructure as code)

17. Consistently Monitor And Manage Usage

18. Adopt A Cloud-Native IDP (internal developer platform)

19. Define A Change Management Process

20. Continue To Update Your Cloud Governance Policy

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