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Some of tomorrow’s biggest digital disruptions are likely to result from technologies that today seem far-off or far-fetched. Seismic change does not happen overnight.

No. 1: Metaverse is reimagining work experiences What is disrupted? The metaverse provides an immersive digital environment by virtualizing human experiences.

No. 2: Flying cars take off for low-level airspace What is disrupted? Flying cars, long a cool dream, are slowly inching toward reality with prototypes being developed by both startups and divisions of large transportation organizations.

No. 3: Digital humans become less robotic (than humans) What is disrupted? Digital humans are becoming more and more like real people

No. 4: Decentralized autonomous organizations tap into blockchain What is disrupted? A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a digital entity, running on a blockchain (which provides a secure digital ledger for communication tracking), that can engage in business interactions with other DAOs, digital and human agents, as well as corporations, without conventional human management.

No. 5: Electric vehicle charging goes wireless What is disrupted? The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) has been on the rise for many years and currently accounts for approximately 4.6% of all new vehicles globally. The shortage of easy, efficient recharging options remains a major hurdle to adoption. Wireless charging could help speed up the rollout, offering real-time, in-motion-based charging, with EVs drawing power from (a) the road and (b) other better-charged cars.

No. 6: Graphene eclipses silicon in computing What is disrupted? Graphene, a form of carbon potentially usable as a semiconductor in electronic devices, offers better price and performance possibilities than traditional semiconductor materials.

No. 7: Technology becomes disposable, so you can swap it in and out


Ignoring a disruption in its early stages typically makes the entry price later in the disruption’s development cycle more costly — strategically, financially, and existentially.


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