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A two-minute read alerting you to the latest trends from around the world advancing technology and innovation and building the workforce of the future, curated by the NMTC's Technology Education Committee. (TEC)

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This guide to AI has three main parts, each of which we update regularly and can be read in any order:

   First, the most fundamental concepts you need to know and more recently important ones.

   Next, an overview of the major players in AI and why they matter.

   And last, a curated list of the recent headlines and developments that you should be.


One of the wild things about AI is that although the core concepts date back more than 50 years, few of them were familiar to even the tech-savvy before very recently. So if you feel lost, don’t worry — everyone is. This article explains the terminology and separates facts for current opinion


Play it safe and keep your phone away from your body and head as much as possible. (Like using earbuds.) 

But first, the Specific absorption rate, or SAR, is measured by how much radiation is emitted when you call with the phone up to your ear. (Nerd time): It’s measured in watts per kilogram of body weight. You don't need to know all the details, just that the legal limit in the U.S. is 1.6 watts/kg.

These models emit the most radiation:

  • Motorola Edge - 1.79
  • OnePlus 6T - 1.55
  • Sony Xperia XA2 Plus - 1.41
  • Google Pixel 3 XL - 1.39 
  • Google Pixel 4a - 1.37
  • Oppo Reno5 5G - 1.37 

These phones emit the least radiation:

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G - 0.19 watts

Samsung Galaxy Note10 - 0.21

Samsung Galaxy A80 - 0.22

LG G7 ThinQ - 0.24

Motorola Razr 5G - 0.2

The iPhone falls somewhere in the middle.

iPhone SE (2020 version) - 0.98

iPhone 11 - 0.95

iPhone 12 - 0.98

iPhone 13 - 0.99

iPhone 14 - 0.98

Please be safe than sorry. Men don’t store your phone in your pants pockets. Ladies, keep it out of your bra. Here’s why.

Bonus - cleaning putty for your Earbuds, press it, and then pull it off, all the ear wax & dust will be removed. Order the entire kit on Amazon (203PCS Air Pod Cleaner Kit)

Move over .com and .org. Google just introduced eight new top-level domains that can be used for websites or email addresses. The new top-level domains: dad, .esq, .prof, .PhD, .nexus, .foo, .zip, and .mov

There are nearly 1,600 top-level domains.

You know, the ones like .com, .org, .us and .Edu. Here are some you probably didn’t know: actor, .auction, .bible, .buzz, .cheap, .eat, .fish, .guitars, .horse, .kim (really!), .lol, .monster, .pizza, .radio, .skin, and .wtf.


Sodium-ion batteries have a similar design to lithium-ion counterparts and can be manufactured using related methods. Both battery types generate electricity through a chemical reaction and comprise an anode, cathode, separator, and electrolyte.


Sodium-ion batteries can’t provide the type of range for electric vehicles offered by lithium-ion batteries, but they present some unique advantages. For instance, the materials used in sodium-ion batteries tend to be cheaper than those in lithium-ion batteries. There’s no cobalt, there’s no copper, there’s no lithium, there’s no graphite, which is primarily controlled by China today.”

And sodium-ion batteries are also safer since they can be discharged entirely for transportation.



Launch of a next-generation platform like the Sinus but designed explicitly for uncrewed missions. The new platform will have enhanced wings with next-generation laminar airfoil and optimized planform, a leaner fuselage, reinforced structural points, and retractable landing gear which should improve its performance by 30 to 45%.


The AAROS Family of UAVs is at a very competitive price point on the market, 5 times less expensive than similar UAVs and roughly at $50 per flight hour. In comparison, jets or helicopters currently used for Surveillance or Search and Rescue have operating costs of $2000-$5000 per hour.



In this deep-dive conversation, they unpacked the core principles of AI-powered analytics to help businesses meet their goals and deliver better customer experiences.


How do companies take advantage of this rush of new opportunities and use AI most effectively? Takuto and Swetha broke down the three core pillars of a strategic, AI-enabled data platform on Azure:

Pillar #1: Create a unified data foundation in the cloud.

Pillar #2: Responsibly democratize your data.

Pillar #3: Accelerate data value creation.



Security is something you should never take for granted. You may be exposing yourself to hackers and scammers without even realizing it. (Here are 10 things you do daily that put you in danger).


Most of their developers say their foreign governments don’t have access to the data, but there’s nothing to keep them from lying.

Delete these apps now

Here’s a (certainly not exhaustive) list of apps with ties to the Chinese government, along with their parent companies:

  • TikTok — Bytedance
  • Lemon8 — Bytedance
  • CapCut — Bytedance
  • Pinduoduo — PDD Holdings
  • Temu — PDD Holdings
  • CamScanner — Intsig Information
  • Shein — Roadget Business 
  • TurboVPN — Innovative Connecting
  • WeChat — Tencent
  • UC Browser — Alibaba Group
  • SHAREit — SHAREit Technologies

Play it safe: Avoid these apps altogether. It’s never too late to get rid of them. And while you’re at it, pass this information along to your friends and family.


1. Learn To Code

2. Develop Adaptability

3. Understand Prompts And Use Cases

4. Cultivate A Growth Mindset

5. Learn Advanced Research

6. Use AI To Your Advantage

7. Invest In Data Literacy

8. Develop Emotional Intelligence

9. Build Strong Relationships

10. Engage In Problem-Solving



As artificial intelligence continues to revolutionize industries across the globe, it is crucial for young professionals entering the workforce to develop skills that will keep them relevant and adaptable in the face of rapid technological advancements. While the integration of AI may raise concerns about job displacement, it also presents abundant opportunities for those equipped with the right skill sets.


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