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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are integrated into many industries and some of the fastest growing careers in the country. STEM creates critical thinkers, problem solvers, and pioneering minds which are the driving force behind innovation and a thriving economy. Many young adults are inspired to pursue STEM because of the many cool and exciting job opportunities available in these fields.

Highlighted Career

Molecular Biologist

There’s a range of complexity in life on earth. You can see an amoeba, a complete organism that consists of just one cell, under a microscope. Or you can look in a mirror and see a human being, made up of trillions of cells working together.

In both the amoeba and the human, the cell is a complex, functioning structure, with parts and chemical processes that define what the organism is and does. In molecular biology, you’ll study the cell and gain an understanding of how it works.” (

For more information on what a career as a Molecular Biologist is like, check out the videos below and the following link for an interview with Amy Eggers, laboratory manager at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology:

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