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Why Work and Study?

For most students working through college, work is a necessity. Getting a college education has a lot of upsides, so working through school is worth it despite the workload of college employment. There are some important advantages to working through college that can help set students up for future success; these include:

    • Professional Experience: Many jobs look not just for education but also work experience when interviewing potential candidates. If you have been working in your field (or indeed working at all) throughout your education, you are likely to be more appealing to potential employers.

    • Time Management: Virtually nothing will teach you time management planning like working and studying at the same time. Understanding how to manage your time effectively even with a very busy schedule is something that can keep you in good standing for the rest of your life.

    • Less Debt: Working may help you graduate with less college debt. This is essential for many; more than half of all American college students now graduate with debt, which averaged $37,500 per student in 2020. Together, all of this debt adds up to a whopping $1.6 trillion that American students collectively owe. Working can help alleviate that financial burden and can make you less reliant on student loans to make it through your education.

  • Future Flexibility: Graduating with less debt and professional experience often offers students more flexibility in their future employment and life prospects and can be an all-around positive experience. You might also find, upon graduating, that you have a lot more free time now that you no longer have your studies to worry about.

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