COVID Discussions – Previous Virtual Water Coolers

The Water Cooler, an historical symbol of camaraderie and communication

April 02, 2020 Virtual Cooler discussion; as it occurred

March 26, 2020 Virtual Cooler discussion; as it occurred
1. Break into manageable teams, with teams meeting in morning and end of day – 10 minutes, to maintain culture and answer questions.
2. Most use MS Teams both internal and with customers.
3. Have well defined policy for teleworking at home – expectations, use of equipment.
4. Virtual Private Networks installed to protect when on internet
5. Disable Alexa, Google Home and others to duplicate office security
6. Use Outlook logs to document employee start-end times for segments of work, as: duration of meetings, customer contacts, specific projects.
7. Rotate workday to accommodate family life at home
8. Make available source of office supplies, to save on employee expense reporting
9. Not considering employee furloughs until they see what government programs are, and no later than end of April; will assess then.
10. Use OSHA classifications to determine if you are an essential business.
11. Mail still has to be collected. Rotating assignments there