During our GOLF4STEM Tournament, we are offering our Board of Director’s Signature Choice Selection of Wines & Spirits, “Tub of Cheer”, an estimated $500 value. Options are: One ticket for $10, Three Tickets for $20, Ten Tickets for $50

For nearly 30 years, NMTC has provided critical technology useful advice and keen insights helping organizations start, grow, and expand, along with needed support to our many STEM students – our future workforce. Donations to NMTC support these many community engagements relative to STEM education, and these following.

Supporting our technology-based community. Bring together panels of experts in disruptive technologies, at our iDisruptor Tech Talks, giving you a glimpse of what the future may be, both reward and risk, when they fully emerge and get adopted.

Continue our informative TechKey Talk helping you become more competent in using the technologies and processes that now perplex you, or you stumble with as you incorporate them into your work, career and life. These are presented monthly in our TechKey Virtual Zoom Cast.

Supporting our future workforce. Assure we continue our 4 to 8 scholarships for our young women graduating high school pursuing a career in STEM field, our many-years supporting a Harford County Community College and Cecil College scholarship, continue to update our website’s go-to depositories of online knowledge and advice for students, teachers and parents in the STEM field and, added because COVID-19 caused this – bringing needed technology to dis-advantaged students.

Bringing great minds together. Visionary Awards Gala, honoring our many contributors as role models to emulate; Tech Leader Roundtable, facilitating peer advice to grow business by not repeating mistakes of others, and recently, the monthly Water Cooler Virtual Zoom Cast using the wisdom of the community to share working remotely ideas, resolving financial and legal issues relative to COVID-19, and contributed by NMTC, personal health suggestions from areas medical people.