Dr. David Mortin, Director APG’s AMSAA, speaks to NMTC

PDF of AMSAA Presentation to NMTC, 13June13

This meeting sponsored by Freedom Federal, ‘Harford County’s Better Way To Bank’

The meeting offered broad insight into a key influencer of the Army’s procurement process.  AMSAA (Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity) Headquarters is located at APG.  AMSAA conducts critical analyses to provide state-of-the-art analytical solutions to senior level Army and Department of Defense officials.  AMSAA’s responsive systems analysis supports the “Equipping” and “Sustaining” of weapons and materiel for our Soldiers in the field as well as our Future Army Force.

Our guest speaker is Dr. David Mortin, Chief, Reliability Branch at AMSAA. 

Dr.  Mortin is responsible for identifying improvements that will result in increased Army and Department of Defense weapon system reliability. Mortin’s branch is the lead for the Army’s Physics-of-Failure Program, co-lead for the Army’s Center for Reliability Growth, and Department of the Army Executive Agent for Reliability and Maintainability Standardization.

He is one of 16 AMC 2012 Louis Dellamonica Award winners, Mortin was recognized as a top employee out of 70,000 across the command. The Louis Dellamonica Award is presented annually to those who have significantly contributed to AMC’s mission and overarching goals and objectives for the year.

His talk will focus on how  AMSAA is developing solutions to make Army and DoD systems more reliable for our soldier and more affordable for the Department.