Water Cooler – Fortifying Your (Work At Home) Office From Cyber Threats.

Date(s) - 02/04/2021
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm










Feb 04, 2021, 4-5PM, via Zoom.
Fortifying Your (Work At Home) Office From Cyber Threats.

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With all the news about foreign actors hacking into our most secure corporate networks, and spying on us through other media, we must up our game working at home to stay safe. Fortunately, the National Security Agency because of all these threats, recently released guidance on how to secure your work at home office from cyber threats.

Michael O’Leary, Ph.D., Professor & Chair, Math Dept at Towson University, and author, Cyber Operations: Building, Defending, and Attacking Modern Computer Networks, will explain what the NSA recommends, how to apply them to your work-at-home-office, and why they are so critical to you, and your employer, even if your employer has already secured your office (are you sure?)

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