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iDisruptor Tech Talks

iDisruptor Tech Talks, delivered in a TED Talk style, featuring expert speakers updating you on how to harness the possibly game-changing, emerging technologies,(Tech Pipeline), the people and culture most effective to guide it (Talent Pipeline) and the rewards and risks relative (revenue Pipeline) to your current business model. Always informative, always thought provoking. Followed by a member-sponsored, catered happy hour.(when not virtual)

NMTC MTC iDisruptor 4.0 Tech Talk July 28, 2022, 4:30-5:30 PM presentation, 5:30-6:30 PM Cocktails

Our iDisruptor Series facilitator, John Karabias, Vice President  Growth, Strategy & Transformation Jacobs, and NMTC Board Member,  will be sitting down for a fireside chat with our panelists.

Kubernetes with Cocktails:
Benefits pursuing a multi-cloud strategy, using Kubernetes
clusters With so many pursuing a multi-cloud strategy, new Kubernetes clusters make diverse cloud environments achievable. Much of the growth in the coming year
will be multi-cloud. Looking at market trends, those recently surveyed in 2022 report operating 50 or more clusters. And almost half expect the number of
Kubernetes clusters they have to increase more than 50% in the coming year.

Kubernetes is the fastest growing Open Source software offering companies the advantage of multiple cloud providers. It provides the ability to run on one or
more public cloud environments, on virtual machines or bare metal deployed almost anywhere, and scale their enterprise much faster than before without rearchitecting
their infrastructure.

Learn what those successfully doing it now see as next steps to give you both a cyber-security and competitive edge."

Join us on July 28th in partnership with the Maryland Technology Council as we consider new strategies for revolutionizing and empowering your enterprises to new levels of success.

FEE: NMTC, MTC Members attend FREE, REGISTER HERE. Non-members $15, PAY HERE.

Location: Battelle, 1204 Technology Dr, Aberdeen, MD 21001
The presentation runs from 4:30-5:30 with complementary cocktails and lite-fare after. Share comments with the speakers and network with your peers.

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Unfortunately, we have postponed this event to unavoidable scheduling issues with several event participants.

This is a key and timely topic and we are now looking at future dates.

The unravelling of the global supply chain was one of the most debilitating economic and geopolitical issues of  NMTC MTC iDisruptor 3.9 Tech Talk update2021.  Fragile prior to COVID-19, the effects of the Virus served to supercharge the vulnerabilities of the supply chain for commerce, public health, and national security. 

In the state of Maryland, many of our most important industries and institutions ranging from biotechnology to the Department of Defense were severely affected.   

As consumers, business leaders and policy makers continue to deal with the fallout,  it’s time rethink the design and management of supply chains across sectors. 

New questions must be asked about supplier redundancy, point of sale production, cybersecurity, and the increased use of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. 

The event features a keynote from the indomitable Jennifer Bisceglie, CEO Interos Inc. and Greg Holt, their Director for Procurement.  Interos is a much-in-demand, woman-owned company with a $Billion valuation. They apply resiliency solutions to the supply chain using the power of AI and machine learning to map, monitor, and model the entire supply chain to detect distress and vulnerabilities across global physical and digital supply chains.

Our iDisruptor Series facilitator, John Karabias, Vice President  Growth, Strategy & Transformation Jacobs, and NMTC Board Member,  will be sitting down for a fireside chat with several national experts including leading academic and University of Maryland logistics and business chair, Martin Dresner.

There's no more important time to rethink the 21st century supply chain. Join us on Feb 17th in partnership with the Maryland Technology Council as we consider new strategies for revolutionizing and making our supply chain more resilient. 


Copy of iDisruptor3.8 FBPost 20210923The Next Frontier of Business Model Innovation

Attendance is FREE. This week, an NMTC member company seeing the value of this for companies they partner with, has offered to pay attendance to the first 50 signing up before October 20. Please use code 212021 when registering


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Quickly, here are the topics:

1 How business model innovation is disrupting markets, accelerating competitive advantage for those nimble enough to adapt.

2 When technical modernization and digital transformation within the Department of Defense replaces legacy thinking, affecting how contractors must plan to support.

3 Why Predictive Analytics, Information Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, and digital business model innovation improves legacy industrial markets including water, energy, and civil design


Before COVID-19, organizations were already navigating major secular trends like the digital transformation that fundamentally altered the business landscape.  The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and ushered in new business models challenging firms to remain competitive in an increasingly connected, winner-take-all economy. 

These new business models have become the signature of the most successful companies through the pandemic. They are quickly distinguishing the companies that will thrive from those that will merely survive or worse. 

On October 21, our expert NMTC panel will explore the most impactful new business models affecting contemporary business.  We will examine areas such as cloud computing and the ability to deliver “everything-as-a-service.”  Artificial intelligence continues to unlock new insights, and incremental revenue streams as many organizations reinvent themselves as “digital-first” organizations.   

With our distinguished group of business and technology executives, we’ll discuss the latest product and service delivery innovations that create entirely new ways of working. 

These novel methods of delivering value, creating differentiation, and gaining market share are upending the shape of markets across sectors.  Join us as we examine many of the most critical business model developments in detail and learn how you can harness them to deliver new solutions at your organization

Attendance is FREE. This week, an NMTC member company seeing the value of this for companies they partner with, has offered to pay attendance to the first 50 signing up before October 20. Please use code 212021 when registering


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Copy of iDisruptor3.7 FBPost June24

Download copy of presntations here

idisruptor 3.5 Nov 19 rev 2 300x121The Future of Everything: Covid-19: Technology, Markets, and Political Implications in 2021…and well beyond. See below for presentations download and You Tube Video

“COVID-19, and our responses to it, have dramatically altered our lives. Important things we depend on have, and continue to change; some forever, forcing us to rapidly adapt. Understanding how we adapt to the Virus will affect society in 2021 is imperative to navigating its lasting repercussions and eventually overcoming it.

As business, government and non-profit leaders continue to navigate their organizations through the lasting effects of COVID-19, the NMTC is bringing together three experts to discuss technology, business, and politics in 2021:

Starting our 5th year, this iDisruptor presented new technologies and new technology sectors emerging or grown at scale nine months into the pandemic and queuing you into what markets are baking into 2021, a result of the enduring effects of COVID-19.  Also, identifying new sectors paved by COVID-19 and technology prognostication that has and has not panned out at this critical juncture in the pandemic.

How our health will be made secure showcased by Medstar’s Telehealth, previously in its infancy before the pandemic but now conducting thousands of telehealth transactions each month.  This remarkable telehealth journey predicts if traditional medical appointment will ever be the same again.

Finally, the effect the 2020 election will have on COVID-19 government mitigation and financial markets.  Our distinguished group of speakers forecast what may be in store for business, technology, and what politics may cause, in the wake of one of the most consequential elections in recent history.

The NMTC presented answers of profound importance to the future of everything! Our three nationally recognized thought leaders revealed what is to come with the Virus in 2021 and beyond.  This is the first installment of NMTC’s new series: The Future of Everything, capturing for you the interconnections of serious, game-changing, emerging technologies.


Jacob Manoukian, Global Market Strategist at J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Jacob is responsible for developing and communicating the JP Morgan’s market view. He is an industry recognized leader in economic, investment, and market strategy.

Ethan Booker, MD, FACEP, Medical Director at MedStar Telehealth Innovation Center

Dr. Booker is the medical director of the MedStar Telehealth Innovation Center and MedStar eVisit. He is a core faculty member of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and MedStar Washington Hospital Center Emergency Medicine Residency program.

Stephen Jones, Vice President at JMI Equity

Stephen is responsible for sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities at one of the region’s leading private equity firms. Prior to joining JMI, Stephen was an associate consultant at Bain & Company. Stephen also served as a financial analyst in the global investment research division of Goldman Sachs.

Thanks to our moderator, John W. Karabias, Vice President of Growth and Strategy for Jacobs’ Cyber and Intelligence business, adjunct professor of information systems at Loyola University of MD and board member at the NMTC.


You Tube Video

NMTC iDisruptor 3.4 COVID 19 and the Future Of Work 3 300x162Over 50 concerned industry and government leaders learned how they may successfully navigate workplace changes forced by COVID-19, while leveraging the new technologies infiltrating every industry.See here for the caliber of speakers, each one commanding a national audience on their own. Flyer download pdfNMTC-iDisruptor-3.4-COVID-19-and-the-Future-Of-Work_.pdf

This tech-talk explored economic and technological aspects of this challenge.  It was a dive deep discussion on the future of work as COVID-19 has turned economic thinking upside down, leaving organizational leaders to consider new ways to work, and firms responding by rethinking the modern workplace and traditional management science.

This was the largest virtual tech event ever hosted by NMTC, and also the largest tech event his year.

A few organizations had multiple attendees on the talk, where afterwards, they would collaborate on the speaker’s points to contemplate how that would benefit their own organization. 

You’ll find the downloadable video, below, which is easy to share with your team to encourage conversation and determine for you, how best to accommodate a post COVID-19 world.

flkyer 3 768x2895G networks will increase bandwidth 10X, releasing thousands of new, applications to converge, become mobile and usable everywhere.

Results once considered impossible, (driver-less cars) will create both unimagined opportunities and unintended consequences – join us to determine how you and your company can get ahead and get the edge on those coming later.

Potential, challenges and business/ personal benefits of 5G, Brian Schromsky, Director, Federal Government and Public Safety, Verizon Wireless

Communications infrastructure required to connect cities and communities, Rich Rothrock, Government Affairs, Crown Castle

Wireless solutions with possible IoT and infrastructure relative to 5G, Sael Boga, In- building wireless solution architect,Vision Technologies

5G, Driver-less Cars “Alice (assisted) or Bob (autonomous)?”, helps to contrast and highlight infrastructure needs and promises of 5G, Brian Sadler, Senior Scientist for Intelligent Systems – US Army ARL

Happy hour with speakers, immediately after, with wine, IPA beer and cocktail foods

robot 2 282x300April 28, 2017 saw NMTC hosting its highest attended, Technology only event; a first in our series of Disruptive Tech Summits (and TECHCONN3CT follow-up workshops). Next summit planned for November, 2017

Towson University Northeastern Maryland’s auditorium was most helpful in providing the space and refreshments. Registrations peaked at over 80, by 10:20AM that morning

The NMTC Disruptive Technology Summit was organized to update our regional tech community on specific, overlapping technologies capable of creating monumental change in current business models and government programs.

NMTC, with cooperation from Aberdeen Proving Ground, Battelle and IBM Watson presented these top, game changing technologies that will forever impact the future success or failure of current business models and government programs.  Attendees left with new ideas guiding them to re-think their business model, program or investment while contemplating how these technologies will impact their competitive edge.

Attending were Senior Leaders from Leidos, SAIC, Bowhead, APG-RDECOM, APG-ARL, MD Dept. of Commerce, University of MD, Harford County Government OED, Stevenson University, Boeing, RTR Technologies, SURVICE Engineering, Tech Com Ventures, Battelle, MD Dept Transportation, StanleyBlack&Decker, Harford County Agriculture, Emerging Technology Center and others.

We thank our sponsors: Harford County OED, Boeing HorizonX, Fuse Engineering, Defense Systems Information Analysis Center and the Ground Floor.

Presentations are available for download, in order of their presentation:







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