Inventor’s Portal – Writing a Killer Business Plan

This series is offered to aspiring inventors and innovators and all those with an idea yearning to convert it into reality. Learn how, from experts and those who have succeeded in doing.

What's In It For You– Gain information, guidance, advice and encouragement for you, the budding or existing inventor and innovator, to bring your ideas to the market, and become a successful business.

How We Do It – Provide meeting places and expert speakers in areas of patents, the innovation process, product design, marketing, licensing, prototyping and other product development issues. Sessions are free and open to the public (teens to adults).
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Workshop/Event Presenter Date & Time
Have an Idea? What’s Next? Presenter: Douglas Zeisel, Partner Tech Com Ventures

An overview of the process of converting an idea into a viable business. We will also introduce the following seminars

Feb. 27 Monday

4:30 – 6:00

Is your idea good enough?

Customer Discovery?

Presenter: Rob Meissner, Partner, Tech Com Ventures

What you need to know and do for determining if your concept is worth pursuing. Topics include: identifying markets, customer discovery, creating a value proposition.

Mar. 13 Monday

4:30 – 6:00

Patents, Trademarks and Trade Secrets Presenter: Mike D. Oliver, Oliver & Grimsley, LLC

The advantages and disadvantages of patent protection for intellectual property and the alternatives to protect an idea from being copied.

Mar. 27 Monday

4:30 -6:00

Funding Your Dream Presenter: Doug Zeisel, Partner Tech Com Ventures.

How much do you need? Sources of capital? How to find it. How to get it.

Apr. 10 Monday

4:30 – 6:00

Writing a Killer Business Plan Presenter: Neil Davis, TEDCO

The components of a winning business plan and how to make them sparkle.

Apr. 24 Monday

4:30 – 6:00