Disruptive Technology Summit

NMTC Disruptive Technology Summit - preparing you for monumental technology change

NMTC, with cooperation from Aberdeen Proving Ground, will show you the top game changing technologies that will forever impact the future success or failure of your business or government program.  Leave with business-building ideas that will help you re-think your business model, and give you a competitive edge.

Apply disruptive technologies to create new, commercially-viable solutions, products and businesses.

We want you involved to make Northeastern MD known for rapid technology transfer, constant innovation, new business formation and for attracting a highly skilled workforce.


Keynote speaker: Gary Markovits of Innovation Business Partners, who has worked with U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, Department of Homeland Security, NASA, Secretary of Defense, Coca Cola, ExxonMobil, Nike, and others.

Dr Rajneesh Singh is Acting Division Chief of the Vehicle Applied Research Division, ARL, at Aberdeen Proving Ground,
who will present the basic and applied research being used to develop advanced vertical flight technologies and the disruptive technologies that overcome using commercially off-the-shelf parts to enable the next-generation performance for UAVs, and how to increase the endurance, payload, speed and range capability of the vehicle.

Edward J. Plichta (SSTM), is Chief Scientist for Power & Energy, US Army RDECOM CERDEC, Command Power and Integration Directorate (CP&I) at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD,
who will present the next generation of Potable Power & Storage as ballistic batteries, integrating batteries into vehicles and aircraft; and flexible batteries to provide comfortable wearable configurations. In addition, the future of energy storage beyond Lithium Ion, the current state of batteries and where may it be heading for the next decade.

Joshua E. Arnold, Ph.D., is Battelle's Director of Business Development - Agribusiness (a multinational footprint with operations located in the U.S., United Kingdom and Geneva Switzerland)
will present the recent rise and importance of Precision Agriculture or "Digital Agriculture". Specifically, new Precision or Digital Ag. product development and integration of novel platform technologies as "Big Data" and Sensor Technologies.

Aaron Warren
serves as the IBM Watson go to market leader for the healthcare, life science and government spaces. In this role he helps organizations understand cognitive technologies, devise use cases that drive value and apply Watson in a meaningful way.


The best and the brightest who want to think beyond current technology boundaries to develop new applications and business formations. You are: academic research, science and engineering faculty; industry CTO’s, CEO’s and engineering leaders; U.S. Army Research & Development agencies and government technology leaders, all joining with the region’s technology visionaries, serial entrepreneurs, business developers, and financial investors.


CREATE a collaborative community committed to:

  1. Extract, apply and leverage disruptive technologies to expand existing businesses, create new business formations, improve government programs.
  2. Produce follow-up “TECH CONN3CT” workshops that focus on specific opportunities between technology developers, providers and users that will expand thinking and encourage collaboration.
  3. Foster a regional environment that attracts startup companies, supports the retention and growth of existing businesses and government agencies, and expands the skilled workforce.

Summit 12:30-4:30PM, 28 April 2017. Towson University, NE Campus, adjacent to Harford Community College, 510 Thomas Run Rd, Bel Air MD.

KEYNOTE speakers: Economic, Technology and future trends (30-40 min)
PRESENTATIONS: Describing specific disruptive technologies in a modified TED Talk format (60-90 min)

BREAKOUT GROUPS: Brainstorm which technologies to mesh, how to mesh them and where (industries, market sectors, businesses) they have the most potential to create opportunity.



Hospitality/Networking Sponsors (sold) Boeing HorizonX, Ground Floor, Fuse Engineering.

Table Top Displays - $200

$35, discounted to $25 up to one week before Summit (April 21)