Building Trust…During Covid

Date(s) - 09/03/2020
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


September 03, 2020, 4-5PM

Building Trust… During Covid




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Before the Coronavirus, we built relationships in-person, with often impromptu and the give and take conversations in meetings and coffee shops, plus the occasional, traditional phone calls and the far too many emails.

Now we find ourselves, almost daily, communicating with a 2 in square video of another person on webcams – colleagues, customers, potential clients, kids teachers.
Surprisingly, that could reveal a lot about that person if you know what to look for, and even better yet, when you meet the person..

Our presenter will summarize, in an immediately useful way, his extensive expertise of innovative and effective communications tools and trust-building methods, that typically are conducted in a day’s long workshop.

This is your option.  This diagnostic tool starts you on the path to building TRUST, and effectively connecting with others, and importantly, them reciprocating. If you want a head start, download The Door to Building Trust (psst: if you want to understand its use,
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Our Speaker
Mike Penkethman, President and founder of the Pilotage Group, has for over 20 years, advised, consulted and trained executives in many of the Fortune 500 companies to become better communicators and thus, leaders in their organizations.

 He is a highly rated and sought-after speaker and advisor, mainly in the highly demanding pharmaceutical industry. You’ll quickly see why his unique, results driven approach and sense of urgency has produced four successful business ventures with one valued in the millions of dollars. Mike has been instrumental in personally coaching and mentoring thousands – from security- clearance admins to high-ranking Ph.d scientists and C-suite executives


The Water Cooler presents a “HOT Cooler topic”, on ways to succeed during Covid-19
You get experts views, their knowledge on topic that currently matter to you, where you ask questions, get answers, and solve problems.

The Water Cooler is a historical metaphor of camaraderie, communication and collaboration where NMTC members contribute to the collective understanding of how to best succeed. We use Zoom Conference for this virtual meeting.

The Water Cooler tracks ever changing regulations, success stories and helpful hints. Click HERE for business help from federal, state and counties and tracking COVID19 and what NMTC members are doing, archived results from previous Virtual Water Coolers and more


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