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digital compromise 2 768x376“Were Your Digital Resources Compromise, Working Remotely?”


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We rely ever more on our digital resources to work flawlessly, where the scramble to work remotely during Covid-19 has compromised, previously consistent, well structured, resources related to corporate identification, corporate information, and IT logins and resources. The sudden rush to work remotely have found these core, critical items cobbled together, with numerous versions and individual with logins and control that are unknown to the organization at large. How do we fix this? Our expert, who troubleshoots thousands of digital resources shares quick, “keep it safe’ steps to return you and your organization to a digital strong structure.

Marco Ciavolino runs a private consultancy, enktesis, LLC, that assists clients in a range of web technology solutions, marketing communications, business development, and communications research efforts. He has been involved in the web space, almost from its inception in the ’90’s, and since 1995 has directly developed and collaborated on hundreds of web projects from small niche sites to large enterprise projects.

NMTC and Marco, a previous Visionary Awards Honoree, are also involved extensively with STEM education, is the creator of a product line called RobotMats (, for  robotics training and competition,  now licensed exclusively to Geyer Instructional.  Want to know more?  Visit

The Water Cooler presents a “HOT Cooler topic”, on ways to succeed during Covid-19
You get expert’s views, their knowledge on topic that currently matter to you, where you ask questions, get answers, and solve problems.

The Water Cooler is a historical metaphor of camaraderie, communication and collaboration where NMTC members contribute to the collective understanding of how to best succeed. We use Zoom Conference for this virtual meeting.

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