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Kuzma Technical

  • Continue daily 8:30 AM Stand-Up via TEAMS meetings. 
  • Further meetings, ongoing work issues, other collaborative efforts handled through TEAMS. 
  • Staying in touch with everyone via TEAMS, participating in team meetings
  • Since no end date has been established, respond as the COVID status changes.

RTR Technologies

  • 100% telework after today
  • Offices remain open to anyone for work materials or to escape for a few hours if needed.
  • Supervisors provide a 3 day work plan to each staff member.
  • Supervisors hold a daily or twice daily TEAMS meeting with their team
  • A telework single page form allows staff members to report accomplishments for the workday.
  • Management in touch with everyone via TEAMS video teleconferencing
  • No end date has been established; respond as the COVID status changes


  • Stopped all US internal travel about 2 weeks ago. 
  • Asking all staff to work from home if possible, unless mission critical/SCIF related work.
  • If an employee isn’t comfortable leaving home, they do not have to report. 
  • Contracted with a company to provide additional daycare
  • Tracking anyone who may become ill or exposed to someone who has tested positive. 
  • Actively using SKYPE/ZOOM. 
  • If a slow-down, increase training during that time. 
  • Recruiting continues remotely via skype/conf calls. 

Bravura information Technology Systems

  • Staying open.
  • Will telework if something changes.
  • TEAMS Will then be used for meetings. 

Cecil College

  • All staff and faculty to work online remotely until April 5
  • Student credit classes will be moved online/Blackboard until April 5
  • Labs, onsite clinical rotations and non-credit classes and training are suspended.


  • Strongly encouraging everyone to work from home until further notice. Have a flexible remote work policy
  • Move to all digital communications (zoom, slack, email, etc.). 
  • Family First! If you have kids or elderly parents that need assistance, talk to your manager and project manager about an alternate work schedule. 
  • During this time of uncertainty, it is imperative that we remain diligent and accomplish our tasks. 
  • No outside visitors are allowed in the office until further notice
  • If you believe that you may have been exposed to anyone that could be at risk, do not come into the office. This includes anyone who is sick or feeling sick. 

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