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mike-geppi.jpgThe NMTC Board of Directors is honored and pleased to introduce you to Mr. Michael Geppi (Mike), our new Executive Director, effective September 1, 2023. He and current Executive Director, John Casner, will be co-directors through the month of September as Mike assimilates into his new role at NMTC.

Some may recall Mike serving as the youngest county council member in Harford County and on the Army Alliance board. He's a native of the county and has worked with organizations in Cecil County.

Mike has held numerous roles that fit well with the Executive Director position. He has created, managed, grown, and sustained various size organizations in multiple industries, from start-ups to ongoing enterprises.

His strong working knowledge and experience in business development, mergers and acquisitions, patent development, and intellectual property licensing will help members in these areas. Another member plus, he has led teams with various industry experience, including diverse fields such as cybersecurity, healthcare, veterinary medicine, distribution, financial services, and technology product development.

For the last 11 years, he has taught at the Smith School, U of MD, New Venture Finance, Business Communications and Negotiations for graduate students, Strategic Management/Business Policies, and Managing People & Organizations for undergraduates.

During that time, he was an elected official and gubernatorial appointee, where he learned his way around the levels of government here in Maryland. He is savvy in fundraising, having worked to acquire venture capital and private equity support for his endeavors.

Overall and more importantly, Mike has the character, personality, and passion for building a coalition, recruiting members, and creating NMTC programs for our next decade of growth.

Please join me and the NMTC Board in welcoming Mike Geppi as the new NMTC Executive Director.

On April 13, 2023, the NMTC hosted its 17th in the iDisruptor series, titled: "DRIVING THE (CLEAN) ENERGY TRANSITION IN MARYLAND," where panelists presented vital points and answers relative to "Capitalizing on Regulatory, Technology, and Economic Changes to Maryland's Energy Infrastructure."

With the new incoming administration, we have learned that Maryland's ambitious goal is 100% clean energy by 2035.

Many of our members and guests (from the MD energy community) joined us as the panelists discussed the critical enablers and challenges to the transition to a clean energy economy in Maryland and the implications for businesses, government institutions, and consumers across the region.

Our distinguished panel of experts from across government and industry shared how our transition to a clean energy future will have a transformative impact on the state of Maryland. After each presentation, our board member and tech talk moderator, John Karabias, summarized the key points. After all three presentations, the floor was open for a guided Q&A response.

Available for download and viewing are each of the three panelist's presentations on our YouTube Channel:

Paul Pinsky, Director, Maryland Energy Administration New Maryland Administration Commitments to Clean Energy

Mark Case, VP, BGE, Regulatory & Strategy, BGE Pathways to Decarbonization

Doug Wolf, Chief Technology Officer, Jacobs, Energy Transition In Maryland

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More than 50 were interetsed in learning how once confined to risk management departments, organizational resiliency has quickly risen to the iDisruptor 4.1top of board and management agendas. In a persistently volatile world, a "deep resiliency" strategy and the actions that under-gird it has come to separate the highest performing organizations from the rest.

With global economic and geopolitical headwinds top of mind entering 2023, organizations face an even broader set of challenges, including addressing ESG, supply chain, and workforce retention issues.

To thrive in this new normal, leaders must employ a deliberate set of strategic and operational resiliency initiatives that allow them to succeed where others fail.

At iDisruptor 4.1, attendees learned how winning organizations are proactively forecasting supply chain risk, using advanced analytics to optimize operations, and creating authentic connections with employees to persevere through the inevitable downturns.

The iDisruptor Series facilitator, John Karabias, Vice President of Strategic Development at Jacobs, and NMTC Board member, conducted in his highly commendable style, a virtual fireside chat with the panelists.

Hosted at Battelle, Aberdeen, MD on September 22, 2023

Kubernetes with Cocktails  - What’s Next in the Container Workload & Microservices Era? 

With many pursuing a multi-cloud, modern application development strategy, new Kubernetes clusters make efficient application NMTC iDisruptor 4.0 Tech Talk 09 22 22 Topic is Kubernetes With Cocktailsworkload production imminently achievable. According to market trends, almost half of IT professionals will increase Kubernetes utilization by more than 50% in the coming year.

Kubernetes is the fastest-growing open-source container orchestration platform for automating and scaling the deployment of software applications. As more company workloads move to the Cloud, Kubernetes is positioned to host on-premise, hybrid, and cloud and is ideal for cloud-native hosting.

In short, Kubernetes allows organizations to scale and efficiently operate their production environments without rearchitecting infrastructure.

Those successfully using Kubernetes shared the future of cloud-native development and containerization to show how the software development environment can have a competitive edge

Our iDisruptor Series facilitator, John Karabias, Vice President Growth, Strategy & Transformation at Jacobs, and NMTC Board member, conducted a fireside chat with our panelists

Wednesday, August 10, 2022, from 5:30-8:30 PM

The theme was "A HULA GOOD TIME," sponsored by TenaxTechnologies, connecting island life's fun, food, and friendship, all for a good cause - contributing to our STEM scholarships for future women scientists, engineers, doctors, and technologists.

It was an Evening of fine beverages and Lavish Cuisine in a unique setting with stunning views of the Chesapeake Bay and Susquehanna River at the La Banque de Fleuve Seaplane Base, 309 St John St, Havre de Grace, MD, one-of-a-kind waterfront party venue.

Our guests savored the dozens of delicious wines, bourbons, scotch, craft beers, Island Drinks, and delicious pairings of food served by Dean & Brown Caterers throughout the evening. At the same time, networking was as exciting and engaging as our guests.

A beautiful evening where friends strolled the deck, felt the summer breeze, gazing over the water, listened to their favorite music selections, and danced when the 'spirits' moved them to the sounds provided by Martine, Music More.

NMTC iDisruptor 3.9 - Revolution & Resilience: Rethinking the 21st Century Supply Chain (2)

Unfortunately, we have postponed this event to unavoidable scheduling issues with several event participants.

This is a key and timely topic and we are now looking at future dates.

The unravelling of the global supply chain was one of the most debilitating economic and geopolitical issues of  NMTC MTC iDisruptor 3.9 Tech Talk update2021.  Fragile prior to COVID-19, the effects of the Virus served to supercharge the vulnerabilities of the supply chain for commerce, public health, and national security. 

In the state of Maryland, many of our most important industries and institutions ranging from biotechnology to the Department of Defense were severely affected.   

As consumers, business leaders and policy makers continue to deal with the fallout,  it’s time rethink the design and management of supply chains across sectors. 

New questions must be asked about supplier redundancy, point of sale production, cybersecurity, and the increased use of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. 

The event features a keynote from the indomitable Jennifer Bisceglie, CEO Interos Inc. and Greg Holt, their Director for Procurement.  Interos is a much-in-demand, woman-owned company with a $Billion valuation. They apply resiliency solutions to the supply chain using the power of AI and machine learning to map, monitor, and model the entire supply chain to detect distress and vulnerabilities across global physical and digital supply chains.

Our iDisruptor Series facilitator, John Karabias, Vice President  Growth, Strategy & Transformation Jacobs, and NMTC Board Member,  will be sitting down for a fireside chat with several national experts including leading academic and University of Maryland logistics and business chair, Martin Dresner.

There's no more important time to rethink the 21st century supply chain. Join us on Feb 17th in partnership with the Maryland Technology Council as we consider new strategies for revolutionizing and making our supply chain more resilient. 


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