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The presentation focused on how to how well-connected, complex people (partners, employees, customers) drive your business forward, they also move your bottom line up, and building the stategy to accomplish that

Discussed was how the world’s leading brands embrace these strategies, creating authentic, lasting, emotional connections that transform complex people into powerful advocates in, for, and about your business.

Covered was:

  • The science behind it and why it works
  • The methods of leveraging research and data
  • The successes documented first-hand (with ROI as high as 152%)
  • Tips from industry insiders that you can start applying today

The ITA Group, with over 55 years of experience, gave an impressive presentation, demonstarting  they know a thing or two about being the ideal partner to drive audience engagement and bottom-line business results.

Clients successfully use their methods ranging from mid-size companies to Fortune 100 across many industries, including technology, automotive, manufacturing, national defense, pharmaceutical, and retail.

Here is their presentation.

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