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Learn the secret tips our local leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners use to be successful, gets things done, build relationships and live a a productive and enjoyable life that will help you capture your potential in 2022

Part one - Tips on using LinkedIn to market to the government:

Drive prospects into your sales funnel
Get more eyeballs on your content
Make LinkedIn work for government contractors

We were pleased to have Mark Amtower, Preeminent Federal Marketing Strategist and LinkedIn Trainer for Small, Mid-tier and Large Contractors and Matt Andrews, internal MARKETING director for Mindgrub Technologies share how ro be successful in social media.


In Part One, LinkedIn

Mark shared what he tells his more successful clients and how he has advised thousands of companies on all facets of doing business with the Federal government, from facility products and commodity products to services to high-end consulting and systems integration services.

Part Two - Social Media Tips

Is social media an effective part of your marketing mix? It should be! We discuss how to pick channels, build your online personality, realistic funnel expectations, and ways data helps you get the most out of a social strategy.. Whether it's driving foot traffic to retail or enterprise prospects to online destinations, Matt has helped companies from start-ups to Fortune 100 market their products and services through digital marketing

Equally so, we are pleased to have one of the regions most respected and successful technology companys, Mindgrub Technologies, share how they use social media to achive their success, presented by. Matt Andrews,r Internal Marketing Director, for Mindgrub Technologies. .

Special note: Mindgrub is consistently honored for their work pioneering digital maketing and social media strategies by organizations as INC Magazine, The Daily Record, Baltimore Business Journal and industry associations representing Communications, Advertising, and Digital Marketing,

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