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Topic: VR4WORK

VR has inched its way into significance over the last few years and captured the imagination of many. Until now, primarily used for gaming and entertainment, developers and companies have started to offer products and platforms designed for work within a HMD (Head Mounted Display). During this presentation we examined some of these offerings and saw what WORK might look like in just a few years.

Our Presenters

Scott Chaney Scott Chaney, VP of Corporate Strategy and the Technical Director at RTR Technologies. (see more below)

We start the the two presentations with Scott donning the required headset, then move to the immersed experience that shows how VR facilitates training in a manufacturing setting, allowing management to simulate different manufacturing processes in VR to perform trade off studies.  The same application of VR can be expanded to train anyone from surgeons, nurses, repair-people, office workers to car mechanics – just about anywhere repetitive tasks or accurate motions need to be perfected – it actually develops muscle memory

Rick Casteel, Director of Information Technology at the University of Maryland, Upper Chesapeake Health. (see more below)

In the second presentation, Rick demonstrates the multiple versions of VR useful for management, conference and training tools, and compares Augmented to Virtual Reality. His presentation format uses VR platforms showing him on a large stage, presenting to you, the audience. He often uses these tools for hours at a time, viewing multple virtual laptop screens, from the comfort of his recliner.

More about Scott and RTR Technologies

Scott is the VP of Corporate Strategy and the Technical Director at RTR Technologies. For 20 years, he has worked in the field of simulation and software development. He started his career in the field as an engineer at NASA Langley developing 3D simulations for the International Space Station program. For the last 15 years at RTR, he has continued his simulation and 3D software development work in support of our customers in Customs and Border Protection and the US Navy. He is also the lead for

RTR’s commercial business development efforts. RTR has developed an application demonstrating how VR can be used in the training of manufacturing workers. This application also allows management to simulate different manufacturing processes in VR to perform trade-off studies. This VR application can be used to study the effectiveness of a manufacturing process as well as to train workers.

More about Rick
Rick Casteel is Director of Information Technology at the University of Maryland, Upper Chesapeake Health. Rick has worked in health care his entire career, starting as an Orderly then a Nurse back in the early 1980’s. In the advent of Electronic Health Records in the 90’s, he turned his hobby of setting up PC’s for friends and family into a job and moved into IT. A lifelong Marylander he has spent his entire career in the Upper Chesapeake and University of Maryland systems.

His new passion is looking ahead at the next evolution in computing in XR technologies. XR representing Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Realities and how they will change work in the future. Rick runs the VR 4 Work Facebook Group and posts videos of his VR experiences on the VR 4 Work YouTube page. 

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