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What a great presentation. A few members recently attended a LinkedIn tutorial offered by a local training company, and their comments after Amtower’s captivating presentation were; we learn more on the first 4 slides than the 2 hours at that tutorial.

If you missed this opportunity, download Mark Amtower’s presentation, click pdfNMTC-9-January-2014-LinkedIn.pdf

About the presenter:
Mark Amtower is a consultant, speaker, industry spokesperson, author and radio host and is among the most recognized professionals in the government market. He is the founding partner of the government contact advisory firm Amtower & Company, of Highland, Maryland and the co-founder and Co-Director of the Government Market Master™ continuing professional education program at Capitol College in Laurel, Maryland. He has been called “the Godfather of government marketing” and the “best of the best of government marketing gurus” by his peers. He was selected by BtoB magazine as one of the Top 100 Business Marketers in the United States 2008.

The NMTC Board announced its annual membership renewal and Tech Directory Update for 2014. This package enables members to participate in the regions more successful business building activites, just to identify a few:

  • Member Events, Member Speaker Series, Visionary Awards Gala, Growing Business Roundtable, NMTC Connects Networking all at free or discounted rates.
  • Provide access to senior, influential leaders and experts responsible for $Billions in Defense spending, guiding major programs at APG and in the state. Valuable connections and beneficial introductions made possible at NMTC events.
  • Expanded financial support and leadership for our nationally recognized STEM education effort; The STEM Forum, presenting science and technology in exciting ways to thousands of elementary school students, in 20+ schools in NE MD.
  • Establishing afterschool science & tech programs aiding the building of your employee pipeline for the future.
  • Investing in technology exchange processes among APG, industry, emerging tech companies and aspiring inventors for technology and economic growth.
  • Expanded Tech Directory- 2014 edition now underway, to facilitate business development, advertising your business to your target audience and easily finding key connections

The renewal structure, based on number of employees in the region, remains unchanged from prior years and is a corporate membership where your employees may attend all NMTC events at either no-charge or reduced rate.

NMTC members got an insider’s view on “Gambling in Maryland and Beyond: What to Know”. Download presentation pdfKarmel_NMTC_Nov_2013_1.pdf

Maryland has a casino past, we now see gambling popping up everywhere but the future, wow! Technology, especially internet technology will change the industry, change us and create new business opportunities as we compete with neighboring states for the Maryland gambler’s dollars

We learned the odds of can we actually win? We found out just how much casinos make, what is their business/revenue model and strategy is and what we can learn from them for our businesses.

Lastly we learned of the trend that will soon enough ‘creep into our homes and offices’ – mobile gambling.

All in all it was great networking, enjoyed a catered breakfast, and entertained by  the sounds of slot machine bells echoing and the wondering if we took a chance, would  we walk away richer.

All I can say is, this was an exciting meeting at the Hollywood Casino!

Our presenter was Dr. James Karmel, who earned a Ph.D. in History from the University at Buffalo (the State University of New York at Buffalo), with a specialty on American economic history.  He is currently a Professor of History at Harford Community College, where he teaches a business class on casino management.  He is the author of Gambling on the American Dream: Atlantic City and the Casino Era (London: Pickering & Chatto, 2008) and a casino gambling analyst.  His commentary on the casino industry and related topics has appeared in media outlets such as the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Business Journal and Associated Press.

Disasters are inevitable, and today, thanks to expert Darwin Ray, Emergency Management consultant for BioStorage Lab Services, LLC and BioStorage, LLC, an NMTC member company, we learned best ways to protect ourselves, our family and our business. Darwin volunteered his FEMA-based and proprietary , 5 page emergeny/disaster plan checklist which you can DOWNLOAD HERE pdfBioStorage-EP-Checklist.pdf
DOWNLOAD HERE pdfBioStorage-Lab-EP-for-Home-Work-NMTC-Sep2013.pdf

We thank Jack Schammel, of Leading Logic, for hosting this informative member’s meeting. Leading Logic helps clients develop and manage strategic, structural, and cultural changes within their organizations.


Thanks to our event sponsor. TriMech is an engineering and engineering services provider that delivers Technology, Services, & People to our engineering, manufacturing, and product design clients as well as the Department of Defense.

Most of you never witnessed the birth of Xerography and its off-spring, our now ubiquitous 2-dimensional  office printer, but you will witness something incredibly bigger in potential, today, July 11, 2013.

The evolution of office printing has taken a futuristic leap with 3D Printing, and it’s becoming affordable and the learning curve is collapsing.

If you can design something, you can build it – there’s no additional cost in complexity.

With 3D printing, making a single custom product is no more expensive per unit than making 10 or 100. For example, while it is now possible to make a million car frames or plastic cups using a 3D printer, it will more likely be used in applications that require customization, such as product prototypes, office gadgets, smart phone and tablet cases/covers, medical implants and prosthetics and even personalized jewelry and promotional business products. Manufacturing will also be revolutionized.

The availability of these systems, for both industrial and personal uses, allows just about anyone to create their own model or product, even start a business with them.

The industry is expected to continue to grow very quickly, with the sale of products and services worldwide estimated to be $3.7bn in 2015 and close to $10bn by decade’s decade’s end.

Using the analogy that 20-30 years ago, there weren’t any [personal computers] and no Internet and printers themselves were huge, expensive and mostly leased machines, yet, here we are. 3D Printing is at the beginning of that 20-30 projected future.

Get ideas on how this technology will give you a competitive edge, speed up your decision-making processes by seeing things in 3 dimensions and unleash your creative people to develop income generating concepts never thought of before.

In all, it’s a focused blast of the power of 3D printing, looking to its future.


Mark Butkiewicz at Survice Engineering along with the world-class 3D printing and additive manufacturing capability of the Edgewood Chemical & Biological Center.

Mark is currently the Corporate Director for Metrology Business Development at defense contractor, SURVICE Engineering, exploring new opportunities in laser scanning and reverse engineering. In addition, he oversees the Applied Technology Operation of SURVICE which focuses on research and development.

Bradley Ruprecht is an Engineering Technician/ Senior Model Maker Rapid Technologies Branch, Advanced Design and Manufacturing Division (ADM) the Prototype Integration Facility of the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center at APG.

Bradley is also adjunct faculty at Towson University as part of the Interdisciplinary Object Design program, teaching mold making and urethane casting.

Ruprecht is also one of the first five people to win the coveted Dinosaur Award for the Polyjetting Additive Manufacturing Process from the Additive Manufacturing User Group.

And most interestingly, volunteers at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum and for the Smithsonian’s Office of Exhibits Central, helping the Smithsonian make those wonderful exhibits we all enjoy at the various Smithsonian museums.


This meeting sponsored by Freedom Federal, ‘Harford County’s Better Way To Bank’

The meeting offered broad insight into a key influencer of the Army’s procurement process.  AMSAA (Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity) Headquarters is located at APG.  AMSAA conducts critical analyses to provide state-of-the-art analytical solutions to senior level Army and Department of Defense officials.  AMSAA’s responsive systems analysis supports the “Equipping” and “Sustaining” of weapons and materiel for our Soldiers in the field as well as our Future Army Force.

Our guest speaker is Dr. David Mortin, Chief, Reliability Branch at AMSAA.  

Dr.  Mortin is responsible for identifying improvements that will result in increased Army and Department of Defense weapon system reliability. Mortin’s branch is the lead for the Army’s Physics-of-Failure Program, co-lead for the Army’s Center for Reliability Growth, and Department of the Army Executive Agent for Reliability and Maintainability Standardization.

He is one of 16 AMC 2012 Louis Dellamonica Award winners, Mortin was recognized as a top employee out of 70,000 across the command. The Louis Dellamonica Award is presented annually to those who have significantly contributed to AMC’s mission and overarching goals and objectives for the year.

His talk will focus on how  AMSAA is developing solutions to make Army and DoD systems more reliable for our soldier and more affordable for the Department. 

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