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When: Mar 3, 2022 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Here are some of the tax changes for 2022, and more to come pending what is in the Infrastructur Bill recently passed in November and the Build Back Better bill yet to pass as of Nov 5

  1. Changes to income, estate and gift taxes.
  2. Income Tax Rate Increases and Rate Bracket Adjustments - those on the upper end of the 32% and 35% rate brackets may see a tax rate increase as a result.
  3. The maximum capital gains are taxed would also increase, from 20% to 25%.
  4. Expansion of the 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax
  5. A New 3% Surcharge on High Income Individuals, Trusts and Estates
  6. Small Businesses Will Pay More Taxes In 2022 - S corporations will be converted to C corporations if this Act passes, especially given the 3.8% Medicare tax that would be imposed on S corporation flow through income for high earners.
  7. Loophole that allowed indirect funding of Roth IRAs by the “backdoor Roth” technique could be eliminated for high earners.
  8. The 100% gain exclusion on the sale of Section 1202 Qualified Small Business Stock
  9. Crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, DOGEcoin, etc.) will be subject to the constructive and wash sale rules
  10. IRAs can no long invest in entities in which the IRA owner has a 10% or greater ownership interest

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This is the chronological summary of those accomplishments of NMTC for CY 2021.

 Download 6 page PDF

The NMTC Board of Directors recommends, guides, and facilitates Council objectives; becoming the technology and innovation advocacy platform for our region, enacting programs and events offering members opportunities to build business connections, and collaborating with community leaders from industry, academia, and government. NMTC provides a unifying voice stimulating technological change and innovation while encouraging technically skilled workforce development, promoting economic growth, and supporting the security of our country. 

Overview of Accomplishments

  • Overall, considering the frequent adjusting of event dates due to Covid, the council accomplished what it set out to do.
  • Organized 36 events and meetings, all but two being virtual.
  • Created over 700 social media and LinkedIn posts promoting events and NMTC members
  • Composed 52 email newsletters announcing events and programs
  • Edited and introduced 36 (new) blog posts on how technology will change the future.
  • Added 30 updates of newly offered scholarships to website’s STEM student resources.
  • Launched new website with expanded and total back-end control by Executive Director.
  • Implemented automatic member billing, with three series of reminders prior to due date.
  • Membership grew from 44 to 52

Learn the secret tips our local leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners use to be successful, gets things done, build relationships and live a a productive and enjoyable life that will help you capture your potential in 2022

Part one - Tips on using LinkedIn to market to the government:

Drive prospects into your sales funnel
Get more eyeballs on your content
Make LinkedIn work for government contractors

We were pleased to have Mark Amtower, Preeminent Federal Marketing Strategist and LinkedIn Trainer for Small, Mid-tier and Large Contractors and Matt Andrews, internal MARKETING director for Mindgrub Technologies share how ro be successful in social media.


In Part One, LinkedIn

Mark shared what he tells his more successful clients and how he has advised thousands of companies on all facets of doing business with the Federal government, from facility products and commodity products to services to high-end consulting and systems integration services.

Part Two - Social Media Tips

Is social media an effective part of your marketing mix? It should be! We discuss how to pick channels, build your online personality, realistic funnel expectations, and ways data helps you get the most out of a social strategy.. Whether it's driving foot traffic to retail or enterprise prospects to online destinations, Matt has helped companies from start-ups to Fortune 100 market their products and services through digital marketing

Equally so, we are pleased to have one of the regions most respected and successful technology companys, Mindgrub Technologies, share how they use social media to achive their success, presented by. Matt Andrews,r Internal Marketing Director, for Mindgrub Technologies. .

Special note: Mindgrub is consistently honored for their work pioneering digital maketing and social media strategies by organizations as INC Magazine, The Daily Record, Baltimore Business Journal and industry associations representing Communications, Advertising, and Digital Marketing,


The presentation focused on how to how well-connected, complex people (partners, employees, customers) drive your business forward, they also move your bottom line up, and building the stategy to accomplish that

Discussed was how the world’s leading brands embrace these strategies, creating authentic, lasting, emotional connections that transform complex people into powerful advocates in, for, and about your business.

Covered was:

  • The science behind it and why it works
  • The methods of leveraging research and data
  • The successes documented first-hand (with ROI as high as 152%)
  • Tips from industry insiders that you can start applying today

The ITA Group, with over 55 years of experience, gave an impressive presentation, demonstarting  they know a thing or two about being the ideal partner to drive audience engagement and bottom-line business results.

Clients successfully use their methods ranging from mid-size companies to Fortune 100 across many industries, including technology, automotive, manufacturing, national defense, pharmaceutical, and retail.

Here is their presentation.

pre HPSlider WC STYLES 202110073

Achieving success through and with others is the hallmark of great teams. Building them starts with understanding the communication/decision-making style of each team member. Learn how to do that effectively in minutes and become that successful team, October 07 at the Water Cooler.

You’ll find the greatest teams hold each other accountable for outstanding effort and performance, and they do this through trust and highly competent leadership.

Shared and discussed methods consistently achieve team-building success through innovative and unique programs (online, in-person) and have helped many Fortune 500 companies. These programs focus in-depth on developing leadership skills, sales techniques, team building, and trust to help your company maximize individual skillsets and value.

Our speakers, the Pilotage Group, LLC., specializes in leadership and competency development, having over 50 years of leadership and advisory experience. Its core clients comprise many Fortune 500 companies from the pharmaceutical and medical device and financial service industries.

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NMTC's technology/workforce blog NEXtech, is informally desciobed as Coffee With Casner, after NMTC  Executive Director John Casner who populates the blog eacg Sunday evening, is a  two-minute read alerting you to the latest trends in advancing technology and innovation and workforce for the future.

We present ideas to spark the fires of change contributing to your future success.

 Technologies we are tracking this calendar quarter are (suggest those important to you to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):

 3D and 4D Printing
Artificial Intelligence
Autonomous Vehicles
Battery Tech

Cloud Technology
Cybersecurity Hyperautomation
Machine Learning 

Predictive Analytics
Synthetic Chemistry
Voice Search Technolog

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