NMTC Visionary Awards Nominations

Guidelines for 2021 Nominees

Please describe your nominee’s contributions, contributing to building Northeastern Maryland’s STEM educated workforce and advancing our innovation/technology base, that qualifies them for this nomination, by completing the Visionary Awards Nomination Form.

Self-nominations are not permitted.

Each person should be nominated for the category you see them most qualified for (no multiple categories per person). There is no limited on the quantity of people you nominate.

Nominees will be reviewed by the Academy of Visionary Awards and the Visionary Awards Committee.


PLEASE CONSIDER WHO YOU KNOW AND RESPECT FOR THE NEXT YEAR’S, 2021, VISIONARY AWARDS. Accepting 2021 nominations until February, 2021

Visionary Awards Categories

  • Nomination for VISIONARY Award – Significant contributions to the well-being of our total community displayed as a personal commitment to building our STEM Educated workforce or advancing our INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY base, with demonstrated qualities of enlightened leadership over a remarkable period.
  • Nomination for LEADER Award – Acknowledging the individual’s steadfast, consistent contribution to the building our STEM Educated workforce, in a public way while inspiring others to help in accomplishing shared goals; or exemplifies the harnessing of INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY to solve enterprise-wide issues, combining insight and implementation of ideas to creative practical solutions and engage others in the process.
  • Nomination for INNOVATOR Award – Recognizes exceptional personal efforts in development and implementation of innovative programs/products measurably benefiting building our STEM Educated workforce with the potential for broad positive impact in the community;  or creates an outstanding TECHNOLOGY-based product or service that has the potential to revolutionize, or vastly improve, an industry, way of life or organization
  • Nomination for MENTOR Award – One who consistently goes above and beyond in volunteering their knowledge, experiences, and wisdom to stimulate and inspire greatness in students, teachers or; guides the resources of a team to implement an innovation or TECHNOLOGY-based solution with outstanding results for the sponsoring organization. 
  • Nomination for RISING STAR Award – One who demonstrated, in a bold way, the potential to be an excellent, long-term contributor to building the STEM Educated workforce or; creates a pioneering innovation or a new slant on an existing TECHNOLOGY by starting a company or establishing a breakthrough within a larger organization
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To attend the April 22, 2021, Visionary Awards Gala, registrations will be open by March, 2021

If you prefer, you may email your submission to john.casner@nmtc.org (some government computers have been found to not interact well with this platform)