Water Cooler- Ergonomics, Fitness Tips

July 09, 2020
This month we were honored to have as our “HOT COOLER” topic, and expert:


“Ergonomic & Fitness Tips for the new Work from Home Lifestyle”  presented by Dr. Kevin Murray, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland School of Medicine-Department of Physical Therapy, and the E.I.M. Institute of Health, and founder of Gold Medal Physical Therapy, Bel Air, MD

Download the presentation here: July 09, 2020 Water Cooler Handout

The Water Cooler’s first 15-20 minutes covers the HOT Cooler topic, with the remainder of the ‘cooler hour’ for us to:
Ask questions, get answers, solve problems,
Become/stay connected and Contribute to the challenges at hand.

The Water Cooler, an historical metaphor of camaraderie, communication and collaboration where NMTC members and  guests focus on the urgent and important issues they face, ask/answer questions and contribute to the collective understanding of how to best succeed. We use Zoom Conference for this virtual meeting.