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Science Cafés were discontinued in 2018, after a seven year run educating the adult population on the merits  and accomplishments of science. They have been replaced with TechKey Cafes.

When active, they were a fun and free way for everyone, scientists or not, to learn about a specific science and technology topic that affects our everyday lives from a local expert.

You would drop in for a coffee and stay for the discussion. All were welcome. (Students younger than 12 years of age, would be accompanied by an adult)

The Science Cafés

Science and technology touch every aspect of our lives. Science Cafés are a way for the general public to hear professional scientists and knowledge experts talk about their work in a relaxed, fun, and informative setting.

The Cafés were primarily aimed toward the non-scientist adult and attracted a wide-ranging audience from high school students to professional and retired scientists. The presentation and audience-driven discussion that followed help to demystify some of the then, current headlines

Science Cafés can also be wonderful resources for parents and teachers – in staying current on various topics, real world examples of classroom material, and (indirectly) career paths of scientists.