Sponsorships for NMTC Events, Meetings and Activities

Deliver your message to thousands of key, influential decision makers and know that all sponsorship fees support STEM Summit programs: investing in teacher STEM education, and exciting students to pursue STEM.

Sponsorship’s offer a targeted way to reach those able to influence your business, or who are valuable to your organization. We’ll even add your questions to a meeting survey providing you with additional feedback.

This additional support through sponsorship’s expands our capability to increase the pipeline of qualified Science, Technology, Engineering and Math students in our schools and importantly, drive technology as the key economic growth engine for our region.

Sponsorship’s range for $100 for NMTC’s monthly member meetings to $5,000 for NMTC’s annual NMTC Benefactor’s package. The entire description is found at NMTC 2016 Sponsorship Categories

We can discuss a sponsorship tailored to your needs.

Please contact the NMTC office at 410-638-4466 or for further information.