STEM Summits, from February 2011 to June 2016,  brought together leaders from the education, commercial, and government sectors to collaborate and execute initiatives to strengthen science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education across the Northeastern Maryland region, in 5 different middle schools, each year, connecting over 10,000 students in the target age of 4-6th grades. Today, because, of this success, local schools have now adopted the format themselves, conducting them on a more personalized basis for their students and school’s curriculum.

NMTC STEM Summits were programs run by those boldly creating new ways to reinforce STEM, not just for our region, but to strengthen our country’s most pressing national security issue – producing more scientists, engineers, and mathematicians, to put them to work solving our toughest problems in our economy and defense.

The STEM Focus is to expand and build on its successes. These successes derive from it core strategy;

This model is summarized as:
Grades Pre-K – 5, focus on exciting students about STEM and lighting a spark of interest.
Grades 6-8, focus on expanding that student’s interest in STEM and experiences.
Grades 9-12, focus students in areas of study to garner more in-depth knowledge
Years 13-20 the goals of “Finish”, getting additional education, and “Employ”,