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STEM Forum members provide the opportunity for thousands of students and hundreds of teachers to participate in STEM Forum programs. In 2013, the STEM Forum will serve over 4,500 students and teachers across Northeastern Maryland at a cost of $18 per person. We look for the number of people served to grow every year. This can be accomplished by sustained support from STEM Forum members. There are several levels of memberships to consider:

Strategic Partner $5,000*
Strategic Partners are engaged in the STEM Forum at the highest level. They participate in long-range strategic planning and on the Steering Committee, helping to shape the work of the STEM Forum and influence its direction. Strategic Partners are recognized at all STEM Forum events, and their logos are carried on all informational materials.

Sustaining Member $2,000*
Sustaining Members are essential to the STEM Forum delivering on its promise to the students and teachers of Northeastern Maryland. Sustaining Members are recognized at all events, and their logos are carried on all information materials.

Advocate $500*
Advocates help keep things moving forward in Northeastern Maryland.

*All memberships are considered charitable contributions and are tax deductible. For more information, contact Kevin Walls at 410-688-0996.


STEM Forum project teams work together to accomplish a goal and make a difference in the community. Join one of the five 2013 STEM Forum project teams:
1. STEM Nights
2. STEM Afterschool
3. STEM Teacher Summer Camp
4. STEM Internship
5. STEM Fundraising

Joining a project team is a great way to meet other professionals in government, industry, and education as well as have fun and have an impact on STEM. To find out how to get involved, contact Joan Michel: or 410-652-4456.


The STEM Forum holds three STEM Summit meetings each year, each with over 100 leaders from industry, government, academia, and local school systems. STEM Forum also holds five STEM Nights each year, serving hundreds of students, parents, and teachers. Your event sponsorship is tax deductible and is used in its entirety to support STEM initiatives in the community. There are two sponsorships available for STEM Summit meetings:

The Valedictorian $3,000 (1 each event)
The Salutatorian $1,000 (1 each event)

The Valedictorian sponsor may give a 10-minute talk at the STEM program about his/her organization. The Salutatorian may give a 2-minute welcome and introduction. Valedictorian and Salutatorian sponsors get names/logos on all materials before, during and after the event. They also may set up tables/exhibits and hand out materials. For more information, contact Kevin Walls: 410-688-0996.