TECHKEY (Virtual) Talks

TechKey Talks, now virtually, focus monthly on the latest things the NMTC Tech Team are learning that will help you to succeed no matter where you work, even working remotely.

TechKey Talks explain technologies and processes that perplex, frustrate or confuse.  We draw upon our experts network to share their tips & shortcuts to help you master your world.

When in person, It’s over complimentary coffee with conversation.  Now being virtual, you’ll bring the coffee, and we’ll still have the good conversation, and of course, invite your colleagues and friends as well.

Online Bookings are now at the link above, on our Zoom Cast link

To be sure your questions get answered, email them ahead to

October 10, 2019 What Google Know About You
November 13, 2019 Tech of Cannabis
December 19, 2019 VR and accessibility for Apps
January 16, 2020 Sharepoint vs Microsoft Teams,
February 20, 2020 Voice Control Everything
March 19, 2020 (cancelled due to COVID-19 Video Control Everything)

April 23, 10AM-10:40AM,  Working remotely and Securely, NOW!
April 30, 10AM-10:40AM,  Securing your cyber workplace home
May 20,  8:00-9:00AM,  Get Resilient Working At Home

Moving to a monthly basis in June
June 17, 8:00-9:00AM, Ready for CMMC? Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification
July  15,   8:00-9:00AM, Business social media, me or pro? Mastering social media,needed now more than ever.
August 19, 8:00-9:00AM, Tech Topic TBD