The ‘new’ CERDEC will change future contracts

The NMTC Members Meeting this month hosted one of APG’s best and brightest engineering directors; Ms Jill Smith, Director, CERDEC ( Communications, Electronics Research Center), to share where this cornerstone of the Army warfighter’s electonic¬† ‘eyes and ears’ is heading. A downloadable link to her presentation is listed below.



Ms Smith flanked (on the left) by Jeff Hinte, NMTC Board Advisor
and Tom Bachman, NMTC Member .

Take aways from the meeting were:

  1. The Army cannot sustain the ‘box in the truck’ concept for each function; driven by warfighter requests in time of active war.
  2. Sustainability and SWaP (Size,Weight and Power) are drivers for future products
  3. Common Operating Environment (COE) is the focus going forward, and this will trickle down and affect the acquistion process.
  4. Defense Contractors should think more like Apple (or Android supported companies), to succeed in this anticipated COE
  5. Educators should structure,encourage multi-disiplinary degrees

Download Ms Smith’s presentation here:

Power Point version – CERDEC-NMTC-final
PDF Version – CERDEC-NMTC-final